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House of Oya Botanica

Yemoja Yemaya Orisha Ritual Offering Oil

Yemoja Yemaya Orisha Ritual Offering Oil

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Our Ritual Offering Oil creations are intuitively blended to give you a unique and mystical experience. It uses a variety of materials including plant absolutes, essential oils, fragrances, resins, botanical oils, and natural essences from roots, flowers, herbs, and stones. They are then blended into a carrier oil and are safe to use on the skin.

These Yemoja Orisha Ritual Oil tap into ancient and divine feminine power for help in matters of love, health, home life, fertility, renewal, rebirth, and wealth. This service honors Yemaya, the West African Goddess of Creation a merciful, healing goddess known for her kindness and benevolence.


  • Item Form: Oil
  • Skin Type: All
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