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Witch Herbs, Black Mustard Seeds

Witch Herbs, Black Mustard Seeds

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Black mustard seeds are believed to possess metaphysical properties that can be harnessed in magical practices, including hexing and protection spells. Here are some aspects of their metaphysical properties and how to use them:

Metaphysical Properties of Black Mustard Seeds:
1. Banishing and Hexing: Black mustard seeds are associated with banishing negative energies and harmful influences. They can be used in hexing spells to direct negative intentions towards a specific target.

2. Protection: Black mustard seeds are also utilized for protection against malevolent forces, evil spirits, and hexes. They can act as a shield to ward off negative energies.

3. Binding: The seeds are considered potent for binding spells, which can restrain an individual or situation from causing harm.

4. Courage and Strength: Black mustard seeds are believed to enhance courage and inner strength, making them useful for those seeking to confront challenges or overcome obstacles.

Using Black Mustard Seeds in Hexing and Protection Spells:
1. Hexing Spell: To create a hexing spell, combine black mustard seeds with other banishing ingredients, such as black salt, black candles, and protective herbs. Focus on your intention to send negative energy toward the target while performing the spell.

2. Protection Spell: For a protection spell, place black mustard seeds in a small pouch along with protective herbs, crystals like black tourmaline or obsidian, and a personal item or sigil representing the individual seeking protection. Carry or place the pouch near your living space to act as a protective amulet.

3. Binding Spell: To perform a binding spell, use black mustard seeds in combination with cords or ribbons. Focus your energy on restraining the individual or situation you wish to bind while tying the knots.

Remember that working with hexes and binding spells carries ethical considerations. It's essential to carefully consider the potential consequences of your actions and only use such practices when justified and as a last resort. Always use your best judgment and respect the free will of others. Additionally, it's crucial to cleanse and ground yourself after performing any magical work to maintain spiritual balance and well-being.

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