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Witch Herbs, Angelica Root

Witch Herbs, Angelica Root

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Angelica root, also known as "Holy Ghost root" or "Archangel root," is a powerful herb commonly used in Hoodoo Magick and other spiritual practices. It is believed to possess protective and purifying qualities, making it a staple in various rituals and spellwork.

Description of Angelica Root:
Angelica root comes from the Angelica archangelica plant, which is native to northern Europe. It has a distinctive aroma, often described as earthy and slightly sweet, with some herbal notes. The root itself is thick, fleshy, and often branched, with a pale beige to light brown color.

Uses in Hoodoo Magick:
In Hoodoo Magick, Angelica root is considered a versatile ingredient that can be utilized for different purposes, including:

1. Protection: Angelica root is believed to ward off negative energy, hexes, and evil spirits. It can be carried as a talisman or placed in a protective sachet to create a shield of spiritual defense.

2. Purification: The root is used to cleanse spaces, objects, or individuals from negative influences or malevolent energies. It can be added to spiritual baths or used as an incense for purification rituals.

3. Blessings: Angelica root is thought to attract blessings and divine favor. It may be included in blessing spells or rituals to bring positive energies into one's life.

4. Healing: In Hoodoo traditions, Angelica root is associated with healing properties. It may be used in healing spells or charms to promote physical and spiritual well-being.

5. Promoting Vision and Psychic Abilities: Some practitioners believe that Angelica root can enhance intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic awareness. It may be used in divination rituals or dream work.

How to Use Angelica Root in Hoodoo Magick:
There are various ways to incorporate Angelica root into Hoodoo Magick:

1. Amulets and Charms: Carry a small piece of Angelica root in a mojo bag or sachet for protection and blessings.

2. Spiritual Baths: Brew a strong infusion of Angelica root and add it to your bathwater for purification and cleansing.

3. Incense: Burn dried Angelica root as incense during rituals to purify the space and invite positive energies.

4. Spellwork: Use Angelica root as an ingredient in spells related to protection, healing, or divination.

5. Anointing Oil: Infuse Angelica root into carrier oils like olive oil to create an anointing oil for blessing and protection rituals.

Remember, in any magical practice, it's essential to approach the use of herbs and spiritual tools with respect and intention. If you're new to Hoodoo Magick or any form of spiritual work, it's advisable to study and seek guidance from experienced practitioners.

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