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Witch Herbs, Periwrinkle

Witch Herbs, Periwrinkle

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**Periwinkle in Spells: A Magical Guide**

**Introduction to Periwinkle:**
Periwinkle, also known as Vinca minor, is a beautiful evergreen herb with enchanting blue or lavender flowers. It is revered in folklore and magic for its potent protective and healing properties. The plant is associated with feminine energy and is believed to have a strong connection to the realms of love, dreams, and intuition. Its presence in spellwork can enhance the energy of your intentions and bring about positive outcomes.

**Using Periwinkle in Spells:**
1. **Protection Spells:** Periwinkle is renowned for its protective qualities. You can incorporate it into spells designed to shield yourself or your loved ones from harm, negativity, or malevolent energies. Scatter dried periwinkle leaves around your home or carry a sachet of the herb to create a protective barrier.

2. **Love and Romance Spells:** As a symbol of love and fidelity, periwinkle is ideal for spells that seek to attract love or strengthen existing romantic relationships. You can use the flowers or leaves in love charms, potions, or love-infused rituals to amplify the energy of your intentions.

3. **Dream and Intuition Magic:** Periwinkle is believed to heighten psychic abilities and intuition. Before engaging in divination or seeking guidance from the spiritual realm, brew a cup of periwinkle tea and drink it to enhance your receptivity to the energies around you.

4. **Healing Spells:** The medicinal properties of periwinkle have long been acknowledged in herbalism. Utilize periwinkle in spells that focus on physical or emotional healing, rejuvenation, and vitality.

5. **Memory and Learning Spells:** Linked to memory and mental clarity, periwinkle can be used in spells to boost memory retention, enhance focus, and aid in academic pursuits.

**Sex Magic Spell with Periwinkle:**

*Note: Sex magic is a form of ritualistic practice that combines sexual energy and intention to manifest desired outcomes. It is essential to approach this practice responsibly, consensually, and with respect for all involved parties.*

**Spell: The Periwinkle Passion Enchantment**

**Intent:** To ignite and deepen the passion between you and your partner while strengthening your emotional and energetic connection.

1. A small pouch or cloth sachet
2. Dried periwinkle flowers
3. Rose petals
4. Cinnamon sticks (small pieces)
5. A small rose quartz crystal
6. Red or pink candle
7. Matches or a lighter

1. Create a sacred space: Find a quiet and comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Set up an altar or a designated area to perform your spellwork.

2. Prepare yourself: Take a few moments to center yourself. Meditate or engage in deep breathing to clear your mind and focus your intention.

3. Candle preparation: Light the red or pink candle as a representation of passion and love. As you do this, visualize the flame as a powerful energy that will fuel your desires.

4. Charm creation: Take the small pouch or cloth sachet and fill it with the dried periwinkle flowers, rose petals, cinnamon pieces, and the rose quartz crystal. As you add each ingredient, infuse it with your intention of passion, love, and connection.

5. Sexual Energy Focus: If you're performing this spell with a partner, engage in consensual intimate acts while keeping your focus on the shared intention of deepening your passion and love for each other. If practicing alone, you can channel your sexual energy through self-pleasure with the same intention.

6. Empower the charm: Once you've connected with the heightened energy, hold the pouch in your hands, and visualize the energy of your passion and desire flowing into the charm. Imagine it glowing with a radiant, loving light.

7. Sealing the spell: Hold the charm between your hands and recite the following incantation (feel free to modify or create your own):

*"Periwinkle, herb of love and fire,
With this charm, our passions inspire.
By rose and cinnamon, love ignite,
Our connection deepens, our spirits take flight.
With each heartbeat, our love does grow,
A union of souls, a passion to show."*

8. Closing the ritual: Place the charm near the lit candle to further empower it with the flame's energy. Allow the candle to burn down safely. Carry the charm with you or place it in a special location where both you and your partner can access it, like under your pillows or beside your bed.

Remember, the key to successful spellwork is belief, intention, and responsible practice. Always ensure that any magic involving others is consensual and respects their autonomy and boundaries.

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