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Van Van Oil, Hoodoo Ritual, Conjure Oils, Spell Magick

Van Van Oil, Hoodoo Ritual, Conjure Oils, Spell Magick

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Van Van Oil, Hoodoo Ritual, Conjure Oils, Spell Magick

Van Van oil is a popular and versatile hoodoo oil with a long history of use. It's known for its ability to clear away obstacles, provide protection, and create a path for new opportunities. The name "Van Van" is believed to have originated from the French "vaudou," reflecting the Creole influence in hoodoo.

This oil typically consists of a base oil infused with a blend of herbs and essential oils, which can vary depending on the practitioner's preference. Common ingredients include lemongrass, citronella, and other botanicals known for their purification and protective properties. Van Van oil is often used for anointing candles, mojo bags, or personal items to remove negativity and attract positive energy.

**How to Use Van Van Oil:**
1. **Anointing:** To clear away obstacles and invite positive change, anoint a green candle with Van Van oil. Light the candle and visualize your intentions.

2. **Protection:** Add a few drops of Van Van oil to a small bag with protective herbs and carry it with you for personal protection.

3. **Floor Wash:** Mix a few drops of Van Van oil with water and use it as a floor wash to cleanse your living space, starting from the back of your home and moving toward the front door to sweep away negativity.

4. **Mojo Bags:** Create a mojo bag by placing personal items, herbs, and a few drops of Van Van oil into a small bag. Carry it with you to attract luck and positivity.

5. **Amulets:** Anoint amulets or talismans with Van Van oil to imbue them with protective and luck-drawing properties.

Remember that hoodoo practices can be deeply personal, and intentions play a significant role. Respect the tradition and its cultural roots while incorporating it into your own spiritual practices.


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