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Money Oil, Hoodoo Spell, Spiritual candle, Rich bitch oils, Abundance, Prosperity

Money Oil, Hoodoo Spell, Spiritual candle, Rich bitch oils, Abundance, Prosperity

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This Money Oil is an essential addition to your magical toolkit, specifically crafted for financial spells that transcend personal gain to encompass the well-being of both yourself and others. As you immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma, let its energies guide you in meditating not only on your own good fortune but also on the prosperity and abundance you wish for those around you. Infused with the intention to attract luck and wealth, this potent oil is designed to usher in positive financial energies to both your bank account and your heart. An invaluable asset to your collection, this Money Oil sets the stage for a future filled with optimism and hope. Center your focus on the constructive aspects of wealth, channel your intentions toward aiding others, and watch as the benevolent forces of abundance flow generously into your life.

What is the Ultimate Money Oil used for?

This Money Oil serves as a powerful tool in various magical practices, specifically tailored for financial spells with a holistic focus. As practitioners engage with this enchanting oil, they direct their intentions not only towards personal prosperity but also extend their meditations to encompass the financial well-being of others. Crafted to attract luck and wealth, the oil acts as a conduit for positive financial energies, aiming to bring abundance not only to one's bank account but also to the depths of the heart. Ideal for inclusion in magical collections, this Money Oil becomes a beacon for those aspiring to manifest an optimistic and hopeful future. Utilizing this oil involves a deliberate focus on the positive aspects of wealth and a genuine commitment to contributing to the prosperity of others, fostering an environment where benevolent forces of abundance align with one's intentions, creating a harmonious flow of prosperity into one's life.

How do you use the Money Spell Oil?

Harness the transformative energies of this Money Oil through various intentional practices to amplify its financial and abundance-drawing properties. Begin by anointing your wallet or purse, visualizing the inflow of wealth and prosperity each time you access it. Enhance the potency of your financial transactions by applying a small amount of the oil to your fingertips before handling money, infusing each exchange with positive intentions for growth and abundance. Incorporate the oil into candle magic by anointing a green or gold candle, representing wealth and success, before lighting it during money-focused rituals or manifestation ceremonies. To deepen your connection with the oil's energies, consider anointing yourself at key energy centers, such as wrists, heart, and forehead, before engaging in financial planning or important monetary decisions. Additionally, infuse your financial tools, such as checkbooks or investment documents, with the oil to symbolize the attraction of prosperity into these areas of your life. Whether used in personal rituals or shared with others in spellwork, this Money Oil becomes a versatile and potent ally in cultivating financial abundance and goodwill.

How can I get more money? What spell should I use?

 Abundance and Prosperity Spell:


  • Ultimate Money Oil
  • Green or gold candle
  • Clear quartz crystal
  • A small bowl of salt
  • A piece of paper and pen
  • A pouch or container

1. Prepare your space in a quiet and undisturbed area to set up your altar. Place the green or gold candle at the center, the clear quartz crystal, and the small bowl of salt.
2. Anoint the candle with Money Oil. Visualize the flame as a beacon attracting financial abundance and prosperity into your life.
3. Charge the clear quartz crystal in your hands, imbuing it with your intentions for increased abundance. Visualize the crystal radiating a vibrant light symbolizing prosperity.
4. Create a symbol or write a word on the piece of paper that represents abundance and prosperity to you. Place this paper near the candle.
5. Apply Money Oil to your wrists, heart, and forehead. Affirm your openness to receive and share abundance with each application.
6. Ignite the candle, focusing on the flame as a conduit for manifesting financial prosperity. Feel the energy of abundance growing with each passing moment.
7. Purify your fingertips with the bowl of salt, symbolizing the removal of any blockages hindering the flow of abundance.
8. Hold the paper with the abundance symbol over the candle flame (without burning it) and visualize the energy from the candle infusing the symbol. Feel the paper vibrating with the energy of increased prosperity.
9. Place the charged clear quartz crystal and the paper with the abundance symbol into a pouch or container. This becomes a talisman to carry with you, symbolizing your commitment to attracting abundance.
10. Express gratitude for the energies involved. Let the candle burn completely or extinguish it with the intention of relighting it when you seek to enhance your abundance.

Repeat this spell as needed, especially during phases where you wish to reinforce your connection with financial abundance. Approach these practices with positivity, gratitude, and a belief in the abundance that surrounds you.


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