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House of Oya Botanica

Tip Jar, Donations Accepted, Give a Donation

Tip Jar, Donations Accepted, Give a Donation

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By request, I have been asked a few times to add a tip jar to my shop :). I am happy to provide one here. Please note that this is NOT a physical item that you will receive. Instead, you will receive a digital document thanking you for your tip. I am greatly appreciative of all of your support as it has helped me and my husband to stay home and work Etsy full time! Should you desire to give more than the $1 amount of the listing, simply add multiple quantities. Your support has helped me to:

Provide uniforms for my daughter
Keep my 1 year old son at home
Finally buy a house that's in a good neighborhood (no more living beside sketchy neighbors)
and much more...

Because of this, I want to provide the best products and services for every customer out there, because without you, there would be no House Of Oya Botanica.

Many Blessings to each of you!

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