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Boss Fix oil, job oils, promotion spell, spells for bosses, to gain favor from supervisor

Boss Fix oil, job oils, promotion spell, spells for bosses, to gain favor from supervisor

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Our boss fix oil is a must-have addition for all your spell work. Use it to make your supervisor nicer towards you, use on a brown candle or touch your boss with it. The uses are endless.

You’ll be amazing at the many uses of our Boss Fix Oil as you embrace the metaphysical world and transform your spells.

Enjoy the many benefits of your Boss Fix Oil today for your witchcraft needs.

What does Boss Fix Oil do?

Boss Fix conjure oil is traditionally associated with magical and spiritual practices, particularly in hoodoo and folk magic traditions. This specific oil is believed to influence and improve the dynamics between an individual and their employer or authority figures. It is often utilized to create a harmonious and favorable working relationship, promoting cooperation, understanding, and positive outcomes in professional settings. The intention behind using Boss Fix conjure oil is generally to facilitate a smoother work environment, enhance communication, and encourage favor from supervisors or employers. 

How do you use Boss Fix Conjure Oil:

Boss Fix conjure oil offers a variety of applications in magical and spiritual practices, primarily geared towards improving relationships with employers or authority figures. One common method is to anoint oneself with the oil before heading to work, intending to promote positive interactions and favorable treatment. Another approach involves anointing a small charm or talisman that can be discreetly kept in the workplace, symbolizing an ongoing positive influence on professional relationships. Additionally, incorporating Boss Fix oil into a workplace ritual, such as lighting a green candle anointed with the oil while focusing on positive interactions, can be a way to harness its energies. Anointing written requests or petitions to enhance communication and understanding is another practice. However, it's crucial to approach these applications ethically, emphasizing positive outcomes and cooperation rather than manipulation or control. Always ensure that your intentions align with the principles of respect and ethical standards in both magical and professional realms.

How to use Boss Fix in a spell:

Advanced Boss Fix Empowerment Spell:


  • Boss Fix conjure oil
  • Green and white candles (7 each for a seven-day spell)
  • A small lodestone or magnet
  • Personal items related to work (business cards, office keys, etc.)
  • A petition paper
  • Protective herbs (basil, bay leaves, cinnamon)
  • Crown of Success oil
  • An appropriate crystal (such as citrine for success)
  • A small mirror
  • A small dish with honey
  • Timing: Begin the spell on a Sunday during the waxing moon phase.

1. Dedicate a specific space for the spell. Cleanse the area with sage or incense.
2. Wear a combination of green and white during the entire spell for enhanced correspondences.
3. Mix Boss Fix conjure oil with a few drops of Crown of Success oil. Anoint each candle with this mixture, drawing the oil towards you.
4. Anoint your personal work items and the lodestone with the mixed oil, focusing on positive outcomes and empowerment.
5. Write a detailed petition expressing your desire for positive interactions, success, and cooperation at work. Anoint it with the mixed oil.
6. Arrange the green and white candles in a circle, alternating colors. Place the personal items and lodestone at the center.
7. Light one green and one white candle each day for seven days. Focus on different aspects each day, such as communication, success, and cooperation.
8. Pass the lodestone over the petition paper daily, symbolizing the increasing attraction of positive energies.
9. Place the crystal near the candles each day to absorb the empowering energies.
10. Meditate on the desired outcomes, visualizing success and harmonious interactions. Repeat specific affirmations associated with each candle's focus.
11. On the last day, place the petition paper on the mirror. Drizzle honey on it, symbolizing the sweetening of relationships. Place the crystal on top.
12. Express gratitude, and allow the candles to burn out naturally. Keep the mirror, crystal, and petition paper in a designated place.


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