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Cleo May oil, Attract Sugar Daddy oils, Witch Spells, Traditional Hoodoo, Conjure, Mae

Cleo May oil, Attract Sugar Daddy oils, Witch Spells, Traditional Hoodoo, Conjure, Mae

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This witchcraft oil is perfect for spells that are used to attract a masculine energy that has power and money. Your feminine energy radiates into the world, and it will match perfectly with a powerful and wealthy man that will bring joy to your life.

Your wealth will be plentiful, in riches and in spirit and your path will be one of riches and joy.

What is Cleo May Oil for?

Cleo May conjure oil is traditionally associated with magical and spiritual practices, particularly within hoodoo and folk magic traditions. The specific purposes and uses of Cleo May conjure oil can vary among practitioners and traditions, but it is often employed for rituals and spellwork related to matters of love, attraction, sensuality, and prosperity.

Cleo May oil is often associated with drawing romantic attention, enhancing personal allure, and attracting abundance. It may be utilized in spells or rituals aimed at increasing one's charisma, beauty, and magnetism, with a focus on captivating the attention and affection of others. Some practitioners may also use Cleo May oil in money-drawing or prosperity rituals, associating its energy with financial attraction and success.

How do you use Cleo May Hoodoo Oil?

Cleo May conjure oil can be employed in various ways to enhance personal allure and attract positive energies. For matters of love and romance, practitioners may anoint a pink or red candle with Cleo May oil, visualizing themselves radiating charisma and drawing in romantic attention. Anointing personal items such as clothing, jewelry, or accessories with the oil can also serve to enhance one's attractiveness. Some individuals incorporate Cleo May oil into beauty or self-care rituals, applying it before important social events to boost confidence and magnetism. Additionally, for those seeking financial abundance, Cleo May oil can be utilized in money-drawing rituals, anointing green candles or financial documents to attract prosperity. 

How to use Cleo May Hoodoo oil in a spell?

Cleo May Empowerment and Attraction Spell


  • Cleo May conjure oil
  • Pink or red candles (3 in total)
  • Rose quartz crystals
  • Vanilla or rose-scented incense
  • A small mirror
  • Honey
  • Personal items (e.g., a piece of clothing, jewelry)
  • A small bowl of rose petals
  • A red cloth

1. Begin with a ritual bath, adding a few drops of Cleo May oil to the water. Focus on cleansing and preparing yourself for the spell.
2. Arrange the candles in a triangle on the altar. Place rose quartz crystals at each candle point. Light the incense.
3. Anoint your personal items with Cleo May oil, envisioning an irresistible aura surrounding you. Place them in the center of the triangle.
4. Position the small mirror in the center, reflecting the candles and personal items. Gaze into the mirror, affirming your beauty, allure, and magnetic charm.
5. Drizzle honey on your personal items and sprinkle rose petals over them, symbolizing the sweetness and attractiveness you seek.
6. Light each candle, stating your intentions for enhanced allure, love, and positive attention. Visualize yourself radiating confidence and magnetism.
7. Continue gazing into the mirror, directing your energy towards it. Visualize the mirror capturing and reflecting your newfound allure.
8. Save some rose petals for a ritual bath later. Add the remaining petals to the water and bathe, focusing on self-love and attracting positive energies.
9. Allow the candles to burn out safely. Wrap your personal items and the mirror in the red cloth, sealing the energy.
10.  Use the saved rose petals for a ritual bath, further reinforcing your intentions for personal empowerment and attraction.

Keep the wrapped items in a special place or carry them with you to maintain the energy of allure. As with any spell, approach it with respect, positive intentions, and a clear understanding of the energies involved.


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