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Break Up Oil, Separation oils, conjure, people involved romantically, platonic Essential Magic, relationship spell

Break Up Oil, Separation oils, conjure, people involved romantically, platonic Essential Magic, relationship spell

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Is there a relationship that is standing between you and what you want? Is there a business that is getting the business deal you should be getting? Is someone stealing your best friend’s attention? Is there a person you’ve been in love with forever who just won’t get out of their toxic relationship?

This conjuring oil can assist in spells to break up relationships. It is also commonly used to break up business associates or partnerships, friendships, institutions or any other type binding relationship. Use this Separation conjure oil to help you separate from unhealthy people or obligations you no longer want to be attached to.

What does Separation Conjure Oil do?

Separation conjure oil is traditionally associated with magical and spiritual practices, particularly within traditions like hoodoo and folk magic. This specific oil is believed to be employed in rituals and spells aimed at creating distance or discord between individuals, typically in the context of relationships. The intentions behind using Separation conjure oil may vary, but it is commonly associated with situations where individuals seek to end or lessen the bond between two people.

How do you use Separation Conjure Oil?

Separation conjure oil may be employed in situations where individuals need to create distance or discord between two people. One way to use this oil is by anointing a black candle, representing separation, with the oil while visualizing the individuals drifting apart. Another method involves applying the oil to a small, folded piece of paper on which the names of the individuals are written, then placing it in a container of water to symbolize the distancing of their connection. It can also be incorporated into a ritual involving a symbolic representation, such as two figurine candles, with the oil applied to drive them apart during a ceremony focused on separation.

How do you use Separation Oil in a spell?

Breaking up a couple


  • 2 black figure candles representing the two people
  • Separation Oil
  • Hot peppers (which ever you can find)
  • heatproof dish


1. Dress both candles with separation oil.
2. Roll the candles into the hot peppers
3. Set the candles with their backs towards each other.
4. Light the candles and say the following:

"I light these candles with my might, that these two individuals (or state names) might fight. Now enters the energy of confusion and heartache to drive them away. Never to return to each other again. "



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