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Moon Ritual Spell Orisha Hoodoo Oil

Moon Ritual Spell Orisha Hoodoo Oil

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Nana Buruku Orisha Oil stands as a revered elixir, crafted with utmost precision and respect to honor the sacred energy of Nana Buruku, a prominent deity in the Yoruba tradition. This mystical oil is infused with a harmonious blend of botanical essences and metaphysical elements, meticulously chosen to resonate with the essence of Nana Buruku. The oil serves as a conduit to invoke the wisdom, guidance, and maternal blessings of Nana Buruku, a revered and powerful Orisha associated with creation and the nurturing aspects of the divine feminine. As practitioners engage with this sacred oil, it is intended to deepen their connection with the ancestral and spiritual realms, inviting the benevolent influence of Nana Buruku into their lives. Whether used in rituals, ceremonies, or personal devotions, Nana Buruku Orisha Oil serves as a potent tool for those seeking divine insight, protection, and the nurturing embrace of a compassionate and wise deity.

What is this Nana Buruku OIl used for?

Nana Buruku Oil holds a significant place in spiritual practices as a conduit for invoking the blessings and wisdom of Nana Buruku, a revered deity in the Yoruba tradition. This sacred oil, carefully crafted with a blend of botanical essences and metaphysical elements, is utilized to deepen the connection with the divine feminine energy embodied by Nana Buruku. Practitioners often petition Nana Buruku for various intentions, such as seeking maternal blessings and guidance, especially in matters of fertility and family concerns. The oil is a symbol of invoking the nurturing aspects of this deity, known for providing comfort, care, and support. Additionally, individuals may use Nana Buruku Oil to seek spiritual protection, fostering a shield against negative energies and harm. Whether one is in search of wisdom, healing, or harmony in relationships, Nana Buruku Oil serves as a potent tool for those who approach their petitions with sincerity and a profound acknowledgment of the sacred nature of the deity.

How can I work with Nana Buruku using this oil?

Nana Buruku Oil, infused with the essence of the revered Yoruba deity, offers a multifaceted approach to spiritual support and guidance in various aspects of life. Anointing oneself with this sacred oil becomes a ritualistic act to invite Nana Buruku's maternal blessings, wisdom, and nurturing energy into one's life. For seekers of clarity and insight, the oil can be applied before meditation or prayer sessions to enhance spiritual intuition and understanding. Those navigating challenges in fertility or family matters may use the oil as a means of petitioning Nana Buruku for support and guidance. Seeking protection from negative energies or harmful influences can involve anointing doorways or personal items, creating a metaphysical shield. In times of stress or uncertainty, incorporating Nana Buruku Oil into daily rituals becomes a tangible way to invite the deity's compassionate presence, fostering a sense of comfort, care, and maternal support. Whether used for meditation, protection, or seeking divine guidance, the application of Nana Buruku Oil is a personalized and sacred practice, inviting the benevolent energy of this revered deity into various aspects of one's life.

How can I work with Nana Buruku in a spell using this oil?

Nana Buruku Blessings Spell:


  • Nana Buruku Oil
  • White candle
  • Clear quartz crystal
  • A small bowl of water
  • Fresh flowers (preferably white)
  • A piece of white paper and pen


  1. Prepare your space in a serene and quiet area to set up your altar. Place a white candle at the center, surrounded by the clear quartz crystal, a small bowl of water, and fresh white flowers.
  2. Anoint the white candle with Nana Buruku Oil. As you do so, envision the flame as a beacon inviting the maternal blessings and wisdom of Nana Buruku into your space.
  3. Hold the clear quartz crystal in your hands, infusing it with your intentions for receiving guidance, clarity, and maternal blessings. Visualize the crystal radiating with pure, positive energy.
  4. On the white piece of paper, write your specific intentions, focusing on areas where you seek Nana Buruku's guidance and blessings. Be clear and heartfelt in your words.
  5. Apply Nana Buruku Oil to your wrists and forehead, symbolizing your openness to receiving the divine energy and blessings of Nana Buruku.
  6. Ignite the white candle, symbolizing the illumination of wisdom and maternal blessings in your life. Focus on the flame as a conduit for connecting with Nana Buruku.
  7. Submerge the charged clear quartz crystal into the small bowl of water, symbolizing the infusion of spiritual clarity and purity.
  8. Arrange the fresh white flowers around the candle, creating a symbol of purity and divine blessings.
  9. Holding the paper with your intentions, read them aloud, expressing your sincere desires for guidance and blessings from Nana Buruku.
  10. Express gratitude to Nana Buruku for her presence and blessings. Allow the candle to burn completely, or extinguish it with the intention of relighting it when you seek continued guidance.
  11. Repeat this spell as needed, especially during times when you desire spiritual clarity, maternal support, and the blessings of Nana Buruku in your life. Approach the ritual with reverence, sincerity, and an open heart.


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