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Money Soap, Conjure Advanced Magic, Magickal, Witch Spells, Essential Magic, Spell

Money Soap, Conjure Advanced Magic, Magickal, Witch Spells, Essential Magic, Spell

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Money Soap

Haitian Voodoo, also known as Vodou, is a powerful and ancient spiritual practice that originated in Benin, West Africa and Haiti. Within the pantheon of Vodou spirits, one of the most prominent figures is Baron Samedi, the guardian of the cemetery and the spirit of death and rebirth. But Baron Samedi is not a figure to be feared – on the contrary, he is known for his unruly and humorous personality, as well as his uncanny ability to bring wealth and abundance to those who seek his assistance. Purchase our Baron Money Spell Kit today to manifest very fast wealth and power.

This soap must always stay inside this coffin ⚰ the wood is made of the Iroko tree 🌳

Voodoo Power


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