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House of Oya Botanica

The 6 Figure Mystical Boutique- Mentorship Program

The 6 Figure Mystical Boutique- Mentorship Program

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Tailored for entrepreneurs, this program is crafted with your success in mind. Join our weekly collective sessions where we delve into your queries, share success tips, showcase product demonstrations, and offer much more! Immerse yourself in the fusion of Magick and Business through this mentorship initiative. My aim is to guide you towards prosperity! Within this supportive collective, competition is a non-issue, as the universe doesn't limit success to just a select few. We all have the opportunity to thrive and succeed together!

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ABOUT JENNIFER L WATSON, Owner of House of Oya Botanica

Jennifer L. Watson is a psychic medium and spiritual life coach from Greensboro, North Carolina. Whether she is conducting a psychic reading, channeling Spirit or providing a manifestation session, her goal is to help her clients overcome challenges, gain hope and clarity.  With a Bachelors from Spelman College in Psychology, Masters in Criminal Justice and a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, she has acquired over 20+ years spiritual and entrepreneurial experience 

She is a mother, wife, an amateur genealogist and a huge The Walking Dead fan.

Jennifer L. Watson wants to show the world how you can lead a mystical life. Everyone deserves to be happy no matter the circumstance. Within her spiritual journey as a healer, life coach, and energy lightworker, the world needs more love as we progress during a time of revolution and equality. She can only be one of the many that are needed.  Lighting up the world one person at a time. 

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