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Lucid dreaming conjure oil. astral traveling Spell Oil, Advanced Oil Magic, Magickal Oil, Witch Spells, Essent Ritual Spell Magick Oil

Lucid dreaming conjure oil. astral traveling Spell Oil, Advanced Oil Magic, Magickal Oil, Witch Spells, Essent Ritual Spell Magick Oil

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Our dreams are so much more than *just* dreams but powerful windows into our soul, our path and our past lives. Auntie’s Dream Conjure Oil is a must have for every household, not just witches.

Lucid dreaming is the ability to remember your dreams and this oil will help you as you practice this amazing skill. Simply place some oil on your temple before bed and anoint a purple candle with it.

What is this used for?

The Lucid Dreaming Oil serves as a tool within various spiritual and metaphysical practices to enhance the experience of lucid dreaming—an awareness and control of one's dreams while still asleep. Beyond its primary function of promoting lucidity during dream states, the oil is believed to have additional benefits, such as the amplification of psychic abilities. In the realm of metaphysics, psychic abilities encompass a wide range of phenomena, including intuitive insight, telepathy, and heightened sensory perception. The incorporation of Lucid Dreaming Oil into spiritual practices may be intended to not only facilitate vivid and controlled dreaming but also to open channels for intuitive and psychic experiences during wakeful states. The specific ingredients and rituals associated with this oil can vary, with practitioners often anointing themselves or specific objects, like dream journals or crystals, to enhance the connection between the dream realm and psychic awareness. It's important to note that these practices are rooted in personal beliefs and spirituality, and the efficacy of such oils is subjective and varies among individuals.

How do you use this oil?

Lucid Dreaming Oil is believed to work by combining specific botanical or metaphysical ingredients that are thought to have properties associated with enhancing dream awareness and psychic abilities. The oil is often used as part of a ritual or personal practice to encourage lucid dreaming experiences, where the dreamer gains consciousness within the dream itself. The chosen ingredients in the oil may include herbs, essential oils, or crystals traditionally associated with heightened spiritual or dream-related states.

When applied, the oil is thought to create a metaphysical connection between the user and the dream realm, facilitating a more conscious and controlled experience during sleep. Additionally, the mention of increasing psychic ability suggests that the oil may be intended to enhance intuitive and extrasensory perceptions during both waking and dreaming states.

The ritual of anointing oneself with Lucid Dreaming Oil may serve as a symbolic and sensory-focused act to align the practitioner with the desired outcome. The olfactory senses, in particular, are powerful triggers for memory and consciousness, and the fragrance of the oil could act as a cue or enhancer for dream-related experiences.

What is a spell that can be used with this oil?

Creating a spell involving Lucid Dreaming Oil and applying it to your temples can be a personal and intentional practice aimed at promoting vivid and controlled dreaming. Here's a simple spell that you can customize based on your preferences and belief system:

Lucid Dreaming Temple Anointing Spell:


  • Lucid Dreaming Oil
  • A quiet and comfortable space
  • White or purple candle (representing dreams and spirituality)
  • Small piece of amethyst or clear quartz crystal
  • Journal and pen

1. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Ensure the room is dimly lit to create a relaxed atmosphere.

2. Light the white or purple candle, symbolizing the connection to dreams and spiritual realms. Focus on the flame and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

3. Hold the crystal in your hands and visualize it being filled with a soft, calming light. Envision your intentions for lucid dreaming and enhanced psychic awareness transferring into the crystal.

4. Gently apply Lucid Dreaming Oil to your fingertips and then rub it in small, circular motions on your temples. As you do this, focus on the sensation and visualize a doorway opening to the dream realm.

5. Close your eyes and clearly state your intentions for lucid dreaming. Speak aloud or in your mind, expressing your desire for vivid and controlled dreams, as well as increased psychic awareness.

6. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed, holding the charged crystal in your hands. Meditate on the sensations in your temples and visualize yourself entering a dream state with awareness and clarity.

7. After the meditation, open your eyes and write down any insights, feelings, or images that came to you during the meditation. This can serve as a record of your intentions.

8. Express gratitude for the experience and the energy you've worked with. Blow out the candle, symbolizing the end of the ritual.

Repeat this spell as needed, especially before bedtime, to enhance your connection with the dream realm and promote lucid dreaming. Adjust the spell to align with your personal beliefs and practices.


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