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House of Oya Botanica

The 6 Figure Mystical Boutique- Done for You!

The 6 Figure Mystical Boutique- Done for You!

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Must have Gmail email address for store transfer


Embark on the journey of turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality with our exclusive offer!

Introducing the "Your Ultimate 6-Figure Private Label Dropshipping Mystical Boutique," a unique opportunity to collaborate directly with one of the few gifted suppliers of manifestation products. This done-for-you spiritual business package includes a custom Shopify store (monthly fee to Shopify required upon transfer), a comprehensive branding kit with a custom logo and hex codes, and private label products strategically loaded into your store.

Taking ownership of your store is a breeze with provided directions, and you'll have the flexibility to choose whether to print labels yourself or have them printed. The branding kit includes label dimensions for future reference, ensuring a seamless and consistent brand identity.

Partner with a Mystical Expert and a Branding Expert through this world-class opportunity, propelling your business far beyond the stars. Enjoy the convenience of having products fulfilled at Hoob headquarters in the US, with limited spots available for the first 10 to 20 participants before opening up again.

Benefits of this exclusive opportunity include instructional videos on all products, a time-limited regular price offer, 24/7 Shopify support, and significant cost savings on printing, shipping, branding, and inventory. Experience proven product excellence and position yourself for success in the mystical marketplace. Act now before this extraordinary opportunity passes by!


Purchases Options Below:

  1. Branded Storefront Only $333 (regular price $777)

Unleash the power of your entrepreneurial spirit with our exclusive Branded Storefront option, a strategic choice that focuses on providing you with a unique and customized online presence. While it doesn't include the mentorship or starter packages, this option stands as the cornerstone of your business journey, offering a foundation for success.

Within this compelling choice, you gain access to a meticulously crafted Branded Storefront that speaks volumes about your brand identity. Picture your business making a bold statement in the online marketplace with a storefront that not only captures attention but retains it. This option ensures that your brand stands out, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.

Immerse yourself in a world where your brand takes center stage, leveraging the power of a bespoke storefront that radiates professionalism and uniqueness. This is more than a mere option; it's your ticket to establishing a strong and memorable online presence. Choose the Branded Storefront and set the stage for your business to shine in the digital realm!


Benefits of this package includes:

Certainly! Here's a list of benefits associated with a dropshipping store:


  1. **Low Initial Investment:** Dropshipping eliminates the need for upfront inventory costs, reducing the initial financial burden for entrepreneurs.


  1. **Reduced Overhead Costs:** Since you don't have to manage inventory or warehouse space, overhead costs are significantly lower compared to traditional retail models.


  1. **Wide Product Selection:** Dropshipping allows you to offer a diverse range of products without the need to stock them, giving you flexibility and scalability.


  1. **Location Independence:** With dropshipping, you can run your business from anywhere with an internet connection, providing geographical flexibility.


  1. **Risk Mitigation:** The risk of unsold inventory is minimized as you only purchase products when you make a sale, reducing financial risks.


  1. **Time Efficiency:** By outsourcing order fulfillment and shipping to suppliers, you can focus more on marketing, customer service, and growing your business.


  1. **Scalability:** It's easier to scale a dropshipping business since you don't need to worry about managing increased inventory or warehouse space.


  1. **Test New Products Easily:** Without the need for large upfront investments, you can quickly test new products to gauge market demand.


  1. **Low Operational Complexity:** Managing inventory, packing, and shipping are handled by the suppliers, reducing the operational complexity for the store owner.


  1. **Flexibility in Niche Selection:** Since you're not tied to a specific niche or product, you have the freedom to explore and adapt your business to changing market trends.


  1. **Easier to Start:** Setting up a dropshipping store is generally quicker and easier compared to traditional retail, making it accessible to everyone!


  1. **Customer Variety:** With a wide range of products, you can attract a diverse customer base and cater to various needs.


  1. **Focus on Marketing and Sales:** The primary focus can be on marketing strategies and sales, leading to increased customer acquisition and revenue generation.


You may also add on the mentorship as an additional monthly subscription fee (more info below!)


Please keep in mind that additional fees apply: Shopify Store Fee + Buddify Dropshipping App Fee


  1. Branded Storefront with Starter Kit: $333 + $277 (regular price $ 555)

Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with our enhanced option, which not only encompasses all the benefits of the Branded Storefront package but also supercharges your success with an exclusive starter kit of premium products! Introducing the Wholesale Starter Kit, a game-changer designed to propel you towards unparalleled success.


Picture this: you not only secure a custom Branded Storefront with all its perks but also receive a handpicked assortment of high-impact products strategically curated to boost your prosperity. This wholesale starter kit is a key to unlocking new dimensions of achievement in your venture.


The Wholesale Starter Kit includes:

5 themed oils (money, protection or love)

1 luscious body butter (money, protection or love)

1 fixed candle (money, protection or love)

1 Unblock Yourself Powder (this is a general powder bath to remove any and everything from your spirit that may hinder your success!)

Please keep in mind that additional fees apply: Shopify Store Fee + Buddify Dropshipping App Fee

        3. Add on option: The 6 Figure Dropshipping Mentorship Program $127.month

Tailored for entrepreneurs, this program is crafted with your success in mind. Join our weekly collective sessions where we delve into your queries, share success tips, showcase product demonstrations, and offer much more! Immerse yourself in the fusion of Magick and Business through this mentorship initiative. My aim is to guide you towards prosperity! Within this supportive collective, competition is a non-issue, as the universe doesn't limit success to just a select few. We all have the opportunity to thrive and succeed together!


ABOUT JENNIFER L. WATSON, Owner of House of Oya Botanica

Jennifer L. Watson is a psychic medium and spiritual life coach from Greensboro, North Carolina. Whether she is conducting a psychic reading, channeling Spirit or providing a manifestation session, her goal is to help her clients overcome challenges, gain hope and clarity.  With a Bachelors from Spelman College in Psychology, Masters in Criminal Justice and a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, she has acquired over 20+ years spiritual and entrepreneurial experience 

She is a mother, wife, an amateur genealogist and a huge The Walking Dead fan.

Jennifer L. Watson wants to show the world how you can lead a mystical life. Everyone deserves to be happy no matter the circumstance. Within her spiritual journey as a healer, life coach, and energy lightworker, the world needs more love as we progress during a time of revolution and equality. She can only be one of the many that are needed.  Lighting up the world one person at a time. 

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