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Hoodoo Love Kit for Beginners

Hoodoo Love Kit for Beginners

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This Hoodoo Love Kit comes with instructions for different love works and everything you need to complete them. extra love herbs and spell paper. It includes a few ingredients that you will need to prepare a love potion, some tips on how to get your love back, and how to make a charm. There are also instructions on how to get the most out of your spells.

The Love Kit includes a recipe for a love potion, information on how to cast a spell for love, and instructions on how to use the spells. Plus added bonuses, like extra love herbs and spell paper. You have tried to pull together items for your conjure work when you can get them in one place.


  • Materials: herbs, damiana, catnip, roses curio, mojo kit, etc
  • Made: Hand
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