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High John the Conqueror Oil, Made with root, conjure Oils, Advanced Magic, Magickal Oil, Witch Ritual, Spell Magick

High John the Conqueror Oil, Made with root, conjure Oils, Advanced Magic, Magickal Oil, Witch Ritual, Spell Magick

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High John oil is a magical and spiritual oil that is often used in various esoteric traditions, including hoodoo and folk magic. It is derived from the root of the High John the Conqueror plant (Ipomoea jalapa), which is considered a powerful and versatile magical herb.

High John the Conqueror is traditionally associated with luck, success, personal power, and overcoming obstacles. The root is believed to have protective and empowering properties, making it a popular ingredient in magical workings.

High John oil, crafted from the essence of the High John the Conqueror root, is used to anoint candles, talismans, or oneself in rituals and spells. Its use is often associated with increasing personal strength, confidence, and achieving success in various endeavors. Some practitioners also believe that High John oil can enhance one's ability to influence and command situations to their advantage.

It's important to note that the use of High John oil, like any magical practice, should be approached with respect, positive intentions, and ethical considerations. Additionally, the effectiveness of such oils is often tied to the belief and intent of the practitioner.

Who is High John the Conqueror?

High John the Conqueror is a legendary figure deeply rooted in African American folklore, particularly in the traditions of hoodoo and rootwork. Often referred to as a "conjure hero," High John is a mythical representation of resilience, cunning, and personal power.

The stories about High John are rich in symbolism and metaphor, and they vary across different cultures and regions. High John is commonly portrayed as a trickster figure, sometimes an enslaved African who used cleverness and magical prowess to overcome adversity.

The High John the Conqueror root, associated with this mythical figure, is botanically known as Ipomoea jalapa. It is used in magical and spiritual practices for its reputed ability to bring luck, success, and personal power. The root is believed to have protective qualities and is often employed in rituals and spellwork to enhance one's strength and ability to conquer challenges.

In essence, High John the Conqueror embodies the spirit of triumph over adversity and is revered in various magical traditions for his association with personal empowerment and success. The tales of High John have been passed down through generations, contributing to the rich tapestry of African American folklore and magical practices.

How do you work with High John Oil?

Working with High John the Conqueror root or High John oil involves various practices aimed at enhancing personal power, overcoming obstacles, and attracting success. Some examples include carrying a High John root as a talisman or placing it in a mojo bag to attract luck and protection. Anointing candles with High John oil before rituals or spellwork is believed to amplify the energy and intention of the working. Adding a small piece of High John root to a bath is thought to cleanse and empower the individual. Some practitioners also carve symbols or names into High John roots to personalize their magical workings. High John is often incorporated into rituals for influencing situations to one's advantage, and it is a common ingredient in spells aimed at boosting confidence, attracting prosperity, or overcoming challenges. The key is to approach these practices with respect, positive intentions, and an understanding of the symbolic power associated with High John in hoodoo and rootwork traditions.

What spell can I do with High John?

High John Empowerment Spell:


  • High John oil
  • High John the Conqueror root
  • Purple candle
  • Piece of parchment paper
  • Pen
  • A small bag or cloth for creating a mojo bag
  • Optional: additional herbs or roots for empowerment (e.g., cinnamon, bay leaves)


  1. Begin by purifying yourself with a ritual bath or meditation to set a focused and positive mindset.
  2. Anoint the purple candle with High John oil, focusing on intentions for personal empowerment, triumph over obstacles, and success.
  3. Hold the High John the Conqueror root, infusing it with desires for personal strength and victory. Anoint the root with High John oil.
  4. Write specific and positive intentions for personal empowerment on the parchment paper. Anoint the paper with High John oil.
  5. Light the purple candle, visualizing yourself overcoming challenges, radiating personal power, and achieving success.
  6. Place the High John root near the candle, symbolizing the foundation of your personal strength.
  7. Hold the anointed parchment paper over the flame, allowing it to catch fire briefly while visualizing your intentions manifesting.
  8. Create a mojo bag by placing the burned parchment, High John root, and any additional herbs or roots into a small bag or cloth. Tie it securely.
  9. Repeat an empowerment chant, such as "High John, empower me, conquer challenges, set me free."
  10. Carry the mojo bag with you or place it in a significant space. Express gratitude for the empowerment received. Allow the candle to burn completely.
  11. Remember to consider the ethical implications of your magical workings and to approach the spell with belief, focus, and positive intent.


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