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Hexing Oil, Hex, Cursing oils, Put a Curse on someone, Spell, Advanced Magic, Magick, Witch Spells Ritual

Hexing Oil, Hex, Cursing oils, Put a Curse on someone, Spell, Advanced Magic, Magick, Witch Spells Ritual

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The mystical and magical side of life is complicated. We all know we need to protect ourselves, our family and the life we’ve built. Our Hexing Conjure Oil isn’t to practice evil or to hurt someone, but it’s the last ditch effort when you need to take someone’s path away from your own. Hexing means create damage to someone’s life by cursing them and this spell is not to be taken lightly. If you’ve tried everything else but are still having negative energy your way, then use this conjure oil at your own risk.
Focus on the positive you have to offer when practicing magic like this, and remind the universe that your heart is pure. If a hex is your last attempt to protect your inner circle, this is the oil for you.

What does Hexing oil do?

Hexing oil is believed to possess properties that can be used in magical and spiritual practices to cast hexes or curses. It is a specialized blend crafted for rituals or workings where the intention is to impose negative energies, misfortune, or harm upon a specific individual or situation. This oil may contain herbs, roots, or essential oils traditionally associated with darker, more malevolent magical workings. 

How do you use Hexing Oil?

Hexing oil is traditionally used in rituals or spells aimed at casting hexes or curses. Some practitioners may anoint personal items belonging to the target, such as clothing or belongings, to instill negative energies. Others may use hexing oil to dress candles representing the individual while visualizing the intended harm. It can also be applied to written petitions or symbolic representations of the target in spellwork.

What is a Hexing Oil spell?

Cursing your Enemy


  • Hexing oil
  • Habanero Pepper
  • Grophers Dust
  • Black String
  • Picture of the person
  • 2 small mirrors


  1. Take the two mirrors and lay them down, reflective side upwards.
  2. Take the picture and lay it down on top of one of the mirrors facing up.
  3. Place a few drops of oil onto the picture
  4. Take the gophers dust and sprinkle it generously on top of the picture.
  5. Take the habanero pepper and place it on top of the dust.
  6. Take the second mirror and place it on top of the pepper, picture and dust, reflective side downwards, creating a sandwich.
  7. Pick up the mirror sandwich, keeping it tight and closed as much as you can.
  8. Take the black string and start wrapping it around the sandwich, closing it up with black string.
  9. Keep wrapping the string continuously, until it is completely enclosed.
  10. Keep the sandwich in a dark place



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