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Green Tea Healing Spiritual Bath

Green Tea Healing Spiritual Bath

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The Origin of Green Tea Healing Bath comes from a hoodoo formula that uses natural sea salt and a mix of herbs. Green tea is good for removing redness from the skin, helping with general well-being, and being anti-inflammatory to the body. In many magickal traditions, including Hoodoo, bathing is often done prior to performing a magickal operation to ensure that one is both physically and spiritually clean.

What does it do?

The Green Tea Bath minerals are easily absorbed in your pores and are known to cleanse and purify your skin, improving its radiance, texture, and tone. a spiritual bath is often a magickal operation in and of itself. Baths are prescribed for a myriad of conditions, for example, love, protect cleansing, and uncrossing.

How do you use the Green Tea Healing Bath?

1. Prepare Your Bath:
Fill your bathtub with warm water. The temperature should be comfortable for soaking.

2. Add the Bath Salts:
Add a generous amount of the green tea healing bath spiritual bath salts to the running water. Swirl the water to help dissolve the salts and infuse the bath with their healing properties.

3. Set Your Intentions:
Before entering the bath, take a moment to set your intentions for the healing experience. Focus on areas of your life where you seek healing, whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual.

4. Create a Calming Atmosphere:
Dim the lights, light candles, or play soft music to create a calming atmosphere. This helps enhance the overall experience.

5. Enter the Bath:
Once the bath is ready, enter the tub and immerse yourself in the warm water. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax.

6. Visualize Healing:
Close your eyes and visualize the green tea-infused water enveloping you in a healing aura. Imagine any stress, tension, or negativity being released from your body.

7. Meditate or Reflect:
Use this time for meditation or self-reflection. Focus on positive affirmations related to healing and well-being. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy the serenity of the bath.

8. Soak for 15-20 Minutes:
Soak in the bath for at least 15-20 minutes to allow the healing properties of the green tea and bath salts to work on your body and spirit.

9. Rinse Off if Desired:
After soaking, you can choose to rinse off in a quick shower if you prefer, especially if the bath salts contain essential oils.

10. Pat Dry and Hydrate:
Gently pat yourself dry with a clean towel. Hydrate your skin by applying a moisturizer or oil if desired.

11. Dispose of Bathwater:
Traditional practices often involve disposing of bathwater in a respectful manner, such as at the base of a healthy plant, acknowledging the release of negative energies.

12. Repeat as Needed:
Depending on your needs, repeat this ritual regularly or as needed for continued healing and relaxation.


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