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Banishing Oil, Banish Spell , Banishment oils, Revenge, Reverse, exorcism, hoodoo

Banishing Oil, Banish Spell , Banishment oils, Revenge, Reverse, exorcism, hoodoo

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Do you have someone in your life that needs to GO? We are here for you with our Banishing Oil. Use this oil for spells that focus on banishing someone from your life that is bringing negativity.

Keep your spirit, mind and home free of evil and negative thoughts as you banish those that bring your heightened vibrations down.

What does Banishing Conjure Oil do?

Banishing conjure oil is a mystical substance often utilized in magical or spiritual practices like hoodoo and folk magic. This particular oil is crafted with the intention of removing negative influences, energies, or unwanted entities. Its applications range from clearing spaces of detrimental energies to severing ties with unhealthy relationships or patterns. Banishing oil may be used to break obstacles hindering personal growth, provide protection against negative influences, or act as a spiritual cleanser before rituals or ceremonies. The oil is typically anointed onto objects, candles, or oneself, with the aim of creating a shield against detrimental forces and fostering a more positive and harmonious environment.

How do you use Banishing Oil?

Banishing conjure oil offers a versatile range of applications for those seeking to remove negativity from their lives. One common practice involves anointing candles with the oil before burning them in rituals or spells, allowing the flame to symbolize the dispelling of unwanted energies. For personal use, individuals may anoint themselves with banishing oil to create a protective barrier against negative influences or to sever ties with unhealthy relationships. The oil can also be incorporated into spiritual cleansing practices by adding a few drops to water for purifying and clearing spaces of negative energy. In more complex rituals, banishing oil might be employed to anoint talismans or other magical tools to create a shield against harmful forces. Overall, the diverse applications of banishing conjure oil make it a valuable tool for those seeking to foster positivity and protect themselves from detrimental influences.

How do you use Banishing Oil in a spell?

Ritual for Banishing Negative Energy from Home


  • Banishing conjure oil
  • White sage bundle or palo santo stick
  • Black tourmaline or obsidian crystals
  • Four white candles
  • Sea salt
  • A small bowl of water
  • A mirror
  • A piece of paper and pen
  • Protective herbs like rosemary or vervain


1. Begin by cleansing yourself. Take a ritual bath with a few drops of banishing oil. Wear white or light-colored clothing to symbolize purity and positivity.
2. Light the white sage or palo santo and move through each room of your home, focusing on corners and doorways. Visualize the smoke dispelling negative energy.
3. In the center of your home, place the four white candles in a square formation. Sprinkle sea salt in a circle around the candles, envisioning it as a protective barrier.
4. Anoint each candle with banishing oil, focusing on the intention to banish negativity and invite positive energy.
5. Place the black tourmaline or obsidian crystals at the four corners of your home to create a protective grid.
6. Position a mirror at the center of the circle, facing outward. The mirror symbolizes reflecting negative energy away from your home.
7. On the piece of paper, write down any specific sources of negativity you wish to banish. Fold the paper and place it in the center of the mirror.
8. Add a few drops of banishing oil to the bowl of water. Use this water to sprinkle around your home, symbolizing the cleansing and purifying of the space.
9. Light each candle, starting with the one facing your front door, and move clockwise. As you light each candle, affirm your intention to banish negativity and invite positive energy.
10. Sit at the center of your home, close your eyes, and visualize a bright, protective light surrounding your space. Envision negativity dissipating and positive energy filling the void.
11. Thank the energies or entities you invoked for their assistance. Allow the candles to burn out safely. Dispose of the folded paper away from your home.


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