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Job Spell, Employment oil, Get a job, Career Spells, Money, Interview, Promotion

Job Spell, Employment oil, Get a job, Career Spells, Money, Interview, Promotion

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Get a Job Spell Conjure Oil is a magical blend designed to assist individuals in their quest for employment by harnessing metaphysical energies associated with attraction and success. Crafted with carefully chosen botanical ingredients, this oil is believed to amplify the user's intentions and create a positive aura conducive to job-seeking endeavors. The oil is commonly used in rituals and spells to anoint oneself or relevant items associated with job applications, interviews, or career pursuits. Its application is often accompanied by focused visualization and verbal affirmations, with the aim of drawing favorable opportunities and aligning the energies in favor of securing meaningful employment. Practitioners may choose to anoint their resume, cover letter, or even their clothing before job interviews, infusing the process with a touch of magical intention to enhance confidence and increase the likelihood of success in the job-seeking journey. It's important to approach such practices with a combination of spiritual respect and practical effort, acknowledging that magical aids are complementary to, not a substitute for, diligent job-seeking actions.

What is Job Spell oil used for?

Get a Job Spell Conjure Oil serves as a metaphysical tool intended to aid individuals in their pursuit of employment opportunities. This specialized blend, crafted with specific botanical ingredients, is thought to work by enhancing the user's personal magnetism and fostering a positive energy conducive to successful job seeking. Widely incorporated into magical rituals and spells, the oil is applied to oneself or relevant items linked to the job search process, such as resumes or clothing worn to interviews. Users often engage in visualization and affirmations during the application to attract favorable job prospects and align cosmic energies with their career goals. The oil is seen as a complementary element to conventional job-seeking efforts, providing a spiritual boost to confidence and intention. Its application is a symbolic and intentional act that practitioners believe can positively influence the outcome of their job-seeking endeavors.

How do you use Get a Job Conjure OIl?

Use when completing paper employment applications even online applications. This formula can be used in Hoodoo, Witchcraft, Spells, Witch, Wiccan, Pagan rituals.

Place on your palms as you are typing in your applications. Also can be used for dressing employment candles. You would use a yellow, green, orange or a combination of these colors 7 day jar candle and placing a few drops either on top of the candle or you can poke holes to pour into.

If you are looking to keep your job or get a promotion, place some drops near your supervisors office, door knobs etc.

What spell can I do to Get a Job?

Prosperous Employment Enchantment Spell:


  • Get a Job Spell Conjure Oil
  • Green or gold candle (representing prosperity and success)
  • A small, clear quartz crystal
  • Bay leaves (symbolizing success and achievement)
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • A small pouch or charm bag

1. Prepare Your Space: Find a quiet and undisturbed space where you can focus without interruption. Set up an altar with the candle in the center, surrounded by the clear quartz crystal and bay leaves.

2. Anoint the Candle: Begin by anointing the green or gold candle with the Get a Job Spell Conjure Oil. As you do this, visualize the radiant energy of success infusing the candle.

3. Create a Sigil: On the piece of paper, write down your desire for a fulfilling job using positive and empowering language. Condense this statement into a simple sigil by combining and stylizing the letters.

4. Charge the Crystal: Hold the clear quartz crystal in your hands and focus on your intentions for securing meaningful employment. Imagine the crystal absorbing and amplifying these intentions.

5. Light the Candle: Light the candle, symbolizing the ignition of positive energies and the manifestation of a prosperous job opportunity.

6. Empower the Sigil: Hold the paper with the sigil over the flame (without burning it) and visualize the energy from the candle infusing the sigil with power. Visualize yourself confidently excelling in your chosen career.

7. Arrange the Bay Leaves: Place the bay leaves around the candle in a circular pattern, symbolizing the continuous growth and success in your professional life.

8. Anoint Yourself: Apply the Get a Job Spell Conjure Oil to your wrists and forehead. As you do so, affirm your belief in your abilities and your readiness for success.

9. Charge the Pouch: Place the charged crystal and the empowered sigil into a small pouch or charm bag. This serves as a talisman to carry with you during job-seeking activities.

10. Closing: Express gratitude for the energies involved. Let the candle burn completely or snuff it out with the intention of relighting it when you need an extra boost in your job search.

Repeat this spell as needed, especially during significant phases of your job-seeking journey. Always remember that while magical practices can be empowering, they work best when coupled with practical efforts and a positive mindset.




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