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Cut and Clear oil, Cord Cutting, release past trauma or get past a painful break-up Witch Spells, Essential Oil Magic,

Cut and Clear oil, Cord Cutting, release past trauma or get past a painful break-up Witch Spells, Essential Oil Magic,

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Are you ready to release your past trauma that you’ve been holding on to? Whether you are letting go of childhood traumas or trying to move past a painful break-up, this Cut and Clear Conjure Oil will transform your spell work.

This conjure oil will help the spiritual person break free from situations and cleanse energetic ties that will make you feel lighter and finally FREE!

This oil is truly an oil of healing and customers rave that it helps immensely with baggage from past relationships. Put the baggage down, take a breath, and release it all into the wind.

The road is open, clear and welcoming!

What does Cut and Clear Oil do?

Cut and Clear conjure oil is a mystical tool utilized in spiritual practices, particularly within traditions like hoodoo. Its purpose is to assist individuals in breaking emotional, spiritual, or energetic ties with others. This specialized oil is often anointed on candles, personal items, or used in rituals where the practitioner wishes to sever connections with specific individuals or aspects of their past. The oil is believed to carry properties that symbolize a clean break and facilitate the release of lingering energies. Users typically apply Cut and Clear oil with a focused intention, emphasizing the act of cutting ties and fostering a sense of emotional liberation. As with any magical practice, the effectiveness of Cut and Clear oil is often tied to the practitioner's belief, intention, and adherence to ethical considerations.

How do you use Cut and Clear Conjure Oil?

Cut and Clear conjure oil finds various applications in spiritual practices, primarily within traditions such as hoodoo. Its versatile uses encompass breaking emotional ties with past relationships, severing connections with negative influences, and releasing lingering attachments. Practitioners may anoint candles, personal items, or themselves with the oil during rituals or spells aimed at initiating a clean break from past situations, promoting emotional healing, and fostering personal growth. Additionally, Cut and Clear oil is employed in ceremonies for letting go of past grievances, aiding in the process of forgiveness, and clearing the path for new beginnings. The oil is valued for its ability to symbolize and facilitate the cutting of ties, providing practitioners with a tool to energetically and spiritually disentangle from aspects of their past that no longer serve their well-being.

How can you use this oil in a spell?

Cut and Clear Energetic Bond Breaking Spell


  • Cut and Clear conjure oil
  • Black candle
  • White candle
  • Personal items representing the bond (photos, objects)
  • A small mirror
  • A piece of parchment paper
  • Black thread
  • A small obsidian or black tourmaline crystal
  • Frankincense or myrrh incense
  • A small cauldron or fireproof dish

1. Begin by cleansing yourself with a ritual bath using a few drops of Cut and Clear oil.
2. Arrange the black candle on the left and the white candle on the right. Place the personal items between them. Set the mirror in the center.
3. Anoint the black candle with Cut and Clear oil, visualizing the severing of the emotional ties. Anoint the white candle with Blessing oil, symbolizing the cleansing and healing process.
4. Tie the personal items together with black thread, representing the energetic bond. Focus on the emotional ties as you bind the items.
5. Write your intentions on the parchment paper, detailing the emotional bond you wish to break. Anoint it with Cut and Clear oil.
6. Place the obsidian or black tourmaline on the mirror, charging it with protective and grounding energy.
7. Light the frankincense or myrrh incense, purifying the space and preparing it for the ritual.
8. Light the black candle, focusing on the release of the energetic bond. Light the white candle, visualizing healing and clarity.
9. Gaze into the mirror, acknowledging the emotional ties but envisioning them breaking and dissipating.
10. Place the parchment paper with intentions in the cauldron. Light it with the black candle, allowing it to burn completely, symbolizing the release of emotional bonds.
11. Move the crystal from the mirror to your heart center, symbolizing the grounding and protection of your emotional well-being.
12. Allow both candles to burn out safely. Express gratitude for the release of emotional ties. Dispose of the ashes from the parchment paper away from your living space.

This spell is designed to help sever emotional and energetic bonds responsibly. Adjustments can be made based on personal beliefs and practices. 


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