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Court Case Conjure Oil, Used for winning court cases, Advanced Magic, Magickal Oil, Witch Spells, Witchcraft, Spell Oils

Court Case Conjure Oil, Used for winning court cases, Advanced Magic, Magickal Oil, Witch Spells, Witchcraft, Spell Oils

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Court Case conjure oil is a traditional magical oil used in practices like hoodoo. It is believed to influence legal proceedings and court cases, aiming to attract favorable outcomes and protection. Typically anointed on candles or legal documents, this oil is thought to carry energies associated with legal success, assisting practitioners in achieving positive results in legal matters. The effectiveness of Court Case conjure oil is often tied to the practitioner's intentions and belief in its spiritual properties.

What does Court Case Oil do?

Court Case oil is a magical blend traditionally used in practices like hoodoo to influence legal proceedings and court cases. Infused with herbs and botanicals associated with legal success, this oil is believed to attract favorable outcomes, protection, and positive energies in legal matters. It can be applied to legal documents, symbolizing an infusion of positive energies for a successful resolution. Additionally, practitioners may use it when shaking hands with opponents in a case to subtly influence dynamics, or dress candles to focus intentions and enhance the chances of winning a court case. The efficacy of Court Case oil often depends on the practitioner's belief in its spiritual properties and ethical considerations in legal proceedings.

How do you use Court Case oil?

Court Case conjure oil can be utilized in various ways to enhance one's prospects in legal matters. Anointing legal documents with this oil is a common practice, symbolizing the infusion of positive energies to sway legal outcomes in one's favor. Another effective method involves applying the oil when shaking hands with opponents in a case, subtly influencing the dynamics and promoting a more favorable resolution. Additionally, dressing candles with Court Case oil is a popular ritual, emphasizing the use of symbolic representation to bolster one's chances of winning a court case. The act of anointing candles serves to focus intention and channel the oil's believed properties towards achieving positive results in legal proceedings. As with any magical practice, the key lies in approaching these rituals with respect, positive intentions, and a genuine belief in the spiritual aspects of legal influence.

How can you use Court Case in a spell to win?

Court Case Victory Spell


  • Court Case conjure oil
  • Purple or white candles (3 in total)
  • Small lodestone or magnet
  • Piece of court-related paperwork or a legal document
  • Sprig of basil
  • Clear quartz crystal
  • Frankincense or sandalwood incense
  • Purple or white cloth

1. Begin by preparing yourself with a ritual bath, using a few drops of Court Case oil to cleanse both your body and spirit. Dress in purple or white attire for the spell.
2. Set up your altar with three candles arranged in a triangle, placing a lodestone in the center. Light incense made from frankincense or sandalwood.
3. Anoint each candle with Court Case oil, concentrating on your intention for a positive influence on the court proceedings.
4. Anoint the legal document with the same oil and place it under the lodestone, signifying the attraction of favorable outcomes.
5. Tie a basil sprig with a thread and place it next to the legal document.
6. Anoint a clear quartz crystal with Court Case oil, symbolizing clarity and favorable judgment. Position it within the triangle of candles.
7. Light each candle, stating your intentions with each one and visualizing the court case progressing in your favor.
8. Sit quietly, meditating on the success of your case. Visualize the judge and jurors favoring your side, holding the crystal to enhance focus.
9. Pass the legal document through the incense smoke to purify it, then move the lodestone over the document to enhance its influence.
10. Wrap the legal document, herbal bundle, and crystal in a purple or white cloth, sealing the energy.
11. Allow the candles to burn out safely, expressing gratitude for the positive energies invoked.
12. Keep the wrapped items in a safe place until the court case concludes.


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