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Fidelity Oil, Faithful Spells, Conjure oils- to keep a romantic partner true to you , Spell, Magickal, Witchcraft

Fidelity Oil, Faithful Spells, Conjure oils- to keep a romantic partner true to you , Spell, Magickal, Witchcraft

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The Fidelity oil is used to help keep your romantic partner faithful, to help keep a lover from straying and to help your lover be committed to you. You can use this oil as a perfume, dress candles, washing your partners undies and more.

What is Fidelity OIl used for?

Fidelity conjure oil is a specialized blend utilized in magical and spiritual practices, particularly within traditions like hoodoo. This oil is crafted with specific herbs, roots, or essential oils believed to enhance faithfulness, loyalty, and commitment in relationships. Often used to strengthen the bonds of love and partnership, fidelity oil is applied with the intention of fostering trust, preventing infidelity, and promoting a sense of deep connection between partners. Practitioners may anoint themselves, their partners, or personal items associated with the relationship, such as photographs or symbolic tokens, to imbue them with the oil's energies. 

How do you use Fidelity Oil?

Fidelity conjure oil can be applied in various ways to enhance loyalty and commitment in romantic relationships. Anointing a red candle with fidelity oil and burning it during a romantic evening or intimate moment is believed to intensify the bonds of fidelity. Adding a few drops to a shared bath or massage oil is thought to infuse the experience with energies promoting faithfulness. Anointing personal items such as jewelry, worn by both partners, with fidelity oil can serve as a symbolic representation of the commitment they share. Including fidelity oil in love letters or communication rituals may strengthen emotional ties. Some practitioners even use the oil on their bed linens or around the home to create an environment of love and loyalty.

How can you use Fidelity Oil in a spell?

Keep/Make my Partner Faithful


  • Fidelity conjure oil
  • Pink or red candle
  • Personal items from both partners (e.g., hair strands, photos, or small items)
  • Parchment paper
  • Red ribbon
  • Rose quartz crystal
  • A small dish
  • Love-drawing herbs (e.g., rose petals, lavender, or jasmine)

1.  Begin with a purification ritual, cleansing yourself and the items you'll be using. Focus on releasing any negative energies.
2. Arrange the pink or red candle in the center, surrounded by the personal items, love-drawing herbs, and the rose quartz crystal. Place the dish in front of the candle.
3. Anoint the candle with fidelity conjure oil, starting from the center and moving outward. Visualize a radiant light surrounding the candle, symbolizing the strength of love and commitment.
4. Place the personal items from both partners around the candle, creating a circle of shared energies. Envision a protective and loving energy enveloping the items.
5. Write your names and a shared affirmation of love on the parchment paper. Anoint the paper with fidelity oil and fold it toward you, symbolizing drawing love into your lives.
6. Light the candle, focusing on the flame as a representation of the enduring flame of love. Recite the affirmation aloud, expressing your intentions for a strengthened, faithful relationship.
7. Sprinkle the love-drawing herbs into the dish in front of the candle, creating a fragrant and symbolic offering to draw love into your lives.
8.  Hold the rose quartz crystal in your hands, charging it with intentions of deep love, commitment, and fidelity. Place it in the center of the altar.
9. Spend some time affirming your love for each other. Visualize the relationship growing stronger, surrounded by a protective and faithful energy.
10.  Tie the red ribbon around the candle, securing the personal items and herbs. As you tie the knot, visualize the bond of love becoming stronger and more enduring.
11.  Allow the candle to burn completely. Once it has, collect the remains, including the parchment paper, and bury them near your home or in a potted plant, symbolizing the growth of your love.


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