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Chango Orisha Hoodoo Santeria Ifa Ritual Oil for Spiritual Protection

Chango Orisha Hoodoo Santeria Ifa Ritual Oil for Spiritual Protection

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Chango Orisha Ritual Oil is perfect for anyone seeking spiritual protection and guidance. Chango is a powerful Orisha known for his bravery and strength, making him the perfect ally in times of need. This oil can help you connect with Chango's energy, allowing you to tap into his power and wisdom. The oil can also be used to anoint yourself or your space as a way of sealing in your intention.

When used in a ritual bath, the oil can help cleanse away negative energy and promote positive change. Whether you are looking to boost your fertility, enhance your sensuality, or simply strengthen your connection with the spirit world, Chango Orisha Ritual Oil is a must-have addition to your spiritual toolkit.

What does Chango's Oil do?

Chango's oil, often used in various Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latin religious traditions like Santería and Candomblé, is believed to be associated with the deity Chango (Shango or Xango). The specific properties and uses of Chango's oil can vary among practitioners and traditions, but it is generally employed for rituals and spellwork dedicated to Chango or for seeking his assistance in matters related to thunder, lightning, fire, strength, courage, justice, and passion.

The oil is often anointed on candles, talismans, or personal items during ceremonies or rituals dedicated to Chango. It is believed to invoke the energy and blessings of Chango, bringing about positive changes, protection, and empowerment in areas of life associated with this deity. Devotees may use Chango's oil to seek guidance, strength, and justice, as well as to enhance their personal charisma and passion.

How do you use Chango's Oil?

Chango's oil is traditionally used in rituals and spellwork to invoke the powerful energy and blessings of the deity Chango. Practitioners may anoint red candles with Chango's oil to represent the fiery and passionate nature of this Orisha, lighting them during ceremonies dedicated to seeking Chango's guidance, strength, and justice. The oil can also be applied to personal items, such as jewelry or talismans, to carry the protective and empowering influence of Chango throughout the day. Some individuals may choose to anoint themselves with the oil before engaging in activities that require courage, charisma, or a bold and assertive approach. Additionally, Chango's oil might be incorporated into rituals involving rhythmic drumming and dance, activities that are associated with Chango's domain. As with any spiritual practice, the use of Chango's oil should be approached with respect, cultural sensitivity, and a clear understanding of the specific tradition within which it is being employed.

How can you use Changos Oil in a Spell?

**A note regarding invoking Orishas: Please be mindful when invoking Orishas

Chango's Empowerment and Success Spell:


  • Chango's oil
  • Red candles (6 in total)
  • A piece of lodestone or a magnetic stone
  • Bay leaves
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • A small drum or rhythmic music
  • A red cloth
  • A small personal item or piece of jewelry
  • Frankincense or dragon's blood incense
  • A pen and paper

1. Perform a ritual bath using a few drops of Chango's oil, cleansing yourself both physically and spiritually.
2. Wear red or vibrant clothing to align with Chango's fiery energy. (Please note that in some traditions, it is not advised that you wear their color unless you are initiated with them as your head. I am not telling you if you should or not, but if you are comfortable please feel free to proceed)
3. Set up seven red candles in a circular pattern. Anoint each candle with Chango's oil, focusing on your intentions for empowerment, strength, and success.
4. Place the lodestone in the center of the candle circle, symbolizing the magnetic attraction of positive energies.
5. Surround the candle circle with bay leaves and cinnamon sticks, representing Chango's fiery and protective qualities.
6. Begin drumming or playing rhythmic music, invoking the spirit of Chango. Allow the energy to build, infusing the space with empowerment.
7. Anoint your personal item or piece of jewelry with Chango's oil, symbolizing your connection to Chango's strength and charisma.
8. Light frankincense or dragon's blood incense to purify the space. Invoke Chango, expressing your intentions for empowerment and success.
9. Write your specific goals and desires on a piece of paper. Anoint it with Chango's oil and place it under the lodestone.
10. Light each candle, stating your intentions clearly with each one. As you do, visualize success, strength, and empowerment filling your life.
11. Sit in the center of the candle circle, close your eyes, and meditate on the energy of Chango. Let the drumming or music guide you into a focused, empowered state.
12. Wrap your personal item, the written intentions, and the lodestone in the red cloth, sealing the energy.
13. Express gratitude to Chango for his blessings. Allow the candles to burn out safely. 14. Keep the wrapped items in a special place or carry them with you as a token of empowerment.



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