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Glamour oil, aphrodite, confidence oils, self esteem spell, witcraft, hoodoo, conjure

Glamour oil, aphrodite, confidence oils, self esteem spell, witcraft, hoodoo, conjure

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 Glamour oil is a specialized blend crafted for use in magical and spiritual practices, particularly within traditions like hoodoo and folk magic. This enchanting oil is designed to enhance personal allure, beauty, and charisma. It often contains a blend of herbs, roots, or essential oils associated with glamour, magnetism, and the captivating qualities that draw positive attention. Practitioners use Glamour oil to anoint themselves before social events, rituals, or performances, believing it can heighten confidence, boost personal magnetism, and create an alluring presence. This oil is also employed in rituals aimed at fostering self-love, confidence, and a positive self-image. 

What does Glamour Oil do?

Glamour oil is crafted for its enchanting properties, designed to amplify personal allure and charisma. This magical blend, often used in practices like hoodoo and folk magic, is believed to enhance an individual's beauty and draw positive attention. When applied, Glamour oil is thought to boost self-confidence, magnetism, and the overall presence of the user. Practitioners anoint themselves with this oil before social events or rituals, aiming to radiate an alluring energy that captivates and charms. Additionally, Glamour oil can be employed in self-love rituals, fostering a positive self-image. 

How do you use Glamour OIl?

Glamour oil offers a versatile range of applications in magical and spiritual practices. One common use is anointing oneself before social gatherings, performances, or important events to enhance personal magnetism and confidence. It can also be applied to ritual tools or accessories, such as jewelry or clothing, to imbue them with an enchanting energy. Some practitioners incorporate Glamour oil into beauty and self-love rituals, using it to promote positive self-image and confidence. Anointing mirrors or personal items associated with one's reflection is another practice, believed to enhance the perceived beauty and allure of the individual. Additionally, blending Glamour oil with bathwater or skincare products is thought to infuse the entire body with its captivating energies. 

How do you use Glamour OI in a spell?
Glamour Enhancement Spell:


  • Glamour oil
  • Small mirror
  • Pink or red candle
  • Rose quartz crystal
  • Personal item associated with your appearance (e.g., a piece of jewelry)


1. Begin by purifying yourself with a ritual bath or cleansing meditation. Clear your mind and focus on self-love.
2.  Place the mirror in the center of your altar. Surround it with the pink or red candle, the rose quartz crystal, and your personal item.
3. Take a few drops of Glamour oil on your fingertips and gently anoint the edges of the mirror in a clockwise motion. Visualize the mirror radiating an enchanting energy.
4. Light the pink or red candle, representing love and allure. As it flickers, imagine the flame amplifying your inner beauty.
5. Hold the rose quartz crystal in your hands, infusing it with intentions of self-love, confidence, and charisma. Place it near the mirror.
6. Anoint your personal item with Glamour oil. Hold it in your hands and envision it as a talisman enhancing your natural allure.
7. Gaze into the mirror, appreciating your reflection. Speak affirmations aloud, affirming your beauty, confidence, and the enchanting energy you wish to embody.
8. Repeat a simple chant such as, "Radiant and captivating, I shine with inner beauty. Glamour oil, enhance my charm, let my allure be seen and felt."
9. Allow the candle to burn completely. Express gratitude for the enhancement of your natural allure and beauty. Carry the energized personal item with you as a charm.


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