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7 Day Candle, Blessed, Plain Color, Jar Candles, Ritual, Spell Oil, Seven, White, Black

7 Day Candle, Blessed, Plain Color, Jar Candles, Ritual, Spell Oil, Seven, White, Black

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Handmade beeswax plain colored candles that's blessed and ready for all spell work, blessing work and witch craft rituals. Feel free to add any herbs, oils and crystals to the top to help enhance your conjure experience

What are 7 day candles used for?

Seven-day prayer candles, often referred to as vigil candles, novena candles, or devotional candles, are commonly used in various spiritual and religious practices for an extended period of focused prayer or meditation. These candles typically burn for seven days, and they serve several purposes across different traditions:

1. Devotion and Prayer: Many individuals use seven-day candles as a symbolic way to maintain a continuous prayer vigil. The extended burning time allows for a prolonged focus on a specific prayer intention, deity, or spiritual goal.

2. Novena Practices: In some Christian traditions, the burning of a seven-day candle corresponds to a novena, a nine-day period of focused prayer. Devotees often light a new candle each day while maintaining a consistent prayer routine.

3. Altar Offerings: Seven-day candles are commonly placed on altars as offerings in various spiritual practices, including those associated with Catholicism, Hoodoo, Santería, and other syncretic traditions.

4. **Petitions and Spellwork:** In folk magic and certain occult practices, practitioners may use seven-day candles as a component in spellwork or to represent the ongoing nature of a magical working. The burning candle is seen as a continuous representation of the practitioner's intent.

5. Spiritual Protection: Some individuals use these candles for spiritual protection, lighting them to create a sacred and purified space. The extended burn time is thought to provide a continuous shield against negative energies.

6. Honoring Deities and Saints: Devotees of various spiritual paths, including Catholicism and syncretic traditions, may use seven-day candles to honor specific saints, deities, or spiritual figures. Each day of burning is dedicated to a different aspect or attribute associated with the chosen figure.

7. Prayer and Meditation: The act of lighting a seven-day candle and engaging in daily prayer or meditation can be a personal, contemplative practice. It allows individuals to create a sacred space for reflection and connection with the divine.

What do the different colors represent?

White- Purity, Cleansing, Peace, New Beginnings, Spirituality, Innocence, Ancestors, Clairvoyance, Expansion

Black- Protection, Hexing, Banishing, Repelling, Absorption, Endings, Death

Grey- Canceling, Self- Defense, Shielding

Red- Passion, Sexual, Will Power, Strength, Fertility, Lust, Bravery, Luck, Confidence, Fiery

Pink- Friendship, Intimacy, Platonic Love, Self Love, Unconditional Love, Romance, Affection, Femininity

Orange- Energy, Uplifting, Friendship, Joy, Thoughtfulness, Break mental blocks, Simulation, Self Control, Enthusiasm, Creativity

Gold- Success, Abundance, Prosperity, Intellect, Wealth, Masculinity

Yellow- Vitality, Focus, New Ideas, Manifestation, Attraction, Magnetism, Identity, Life

Green- Abundance, Growth, Road Opening, Money Magick, Prosperity, Fertility

Blue- Communication, Clarity, Truth, Wisdom, Tranquility, Dreams, Health, Loyalty, Patience

Purple- Psychic, Manifestation, Power, Divination, Intuition, Guidance, Meditation, Ambition, Protection

Brown- Grounding, Stability, Justice, Court, Healing, Emotional balance, Earth, Death

Multi color candles- You will find that some candles are made with two or more colors. These types of candles are considered double or triple action candles. You'd use these the same as above with the single color candles just only if you are combining intentions into one candle. You'll start with the first color intention and allow the candle to burn. Then followed with your second intention


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