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House of Oya Botanica

Prosperity Ritual (Live Event December 29, 2023)

Prosperity Ritual (Live Event December 29, 2023)

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Everyone who truly knows me, knows I am all about securing the bag so that my family and I can live a life of freedom. Creating financial stability has been my focus for the last 4 years through my business and for the first time, I will be holding a public ritual for those who want to participate in securing the bag with me!

What are your goals, your desires, wants and needs? Are you meeting them? Do you need a spiritual boost? No need to second guess yourself. Join me December 29th on a live video feed as we raise our vibrations, demolish money insecurities and get this money. Let 2023 be the start of financial freedom for you!

What do you get?

Live chat about what it means to be financial free

How this prosperity ritual will help you
What you need to do during this ritual (the ritual will be a week long)

Private Live link will be emailed to you the day before event


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