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Inflammatory Confusion Oil

Inflammatory Confusion Oil

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This Inflammatory Spell oil will assist in your witchcraft spells creating confusion in a person's life. If you need to induce confusion in someone's life this is the perfect aid. It is used well with our separation oil to help break up relationships. Boost your daily magic by breaking away from that which does not serve you with this confusion-inducing conjure oil.

Our Confusion oil is a traditional hoodoo oil blended to cause confusion in the minds and lives of people who are working against you and mean you harm- the lore is, with their wits confused, malicious magical practitioners are unable to focus on you or direct any magic your way.

What is Inflammatory Confusion Oil used for?

Inflammatory Confusion oil is a magical blend commonly utilized in hoodoo and folk magic traditions with the intention of fostering confusion, discord, and disagreements. This oil is employed when practitioners aim to introduce chaos and tension among individuals or within a specific situation. It may be used to create misunderstandings in relationships, sow discord within groups, disrupt legal matters, or foster rivalry in business contexts. 

How do you use this oil?

Practitioners seeking to introduce discord in a workplace might discreetly anoint shared spaces or tools with Inflammatory Confusion oil, subtly influencing coworkers to misunderstand each other or fostering disagreements. In a legal context, someone could apply the oil to legal documents or the seating arrangements in a courtroom, hoping to create confusion among opposing parties or disrupt the legal proceedings. In personal relationships, individuals may use the oil on personal items belonging to specific people, subtly introducing tension and misunderstandings into their interactions.

What spell can I do with Inflammatory Confusion Oil?

Unraveling Spell

  • Ingredients:
  • Inflammatory Confusion oil
  • Black candle
  • Cord or string (representing the ties you wish to loosen)
  • Parchment paper
  • Pen


1. Begin by centering yourself and setting a clear intention. Ensure your focus is on metaphorically unraveling or loosening certain ties rather than causing harm.
2. Anoint the black candle with Inflammatory Confusion oil, focusing on the symbolic representation of unraveling or confusing certain situations.
3. Write on the parchment paper the situations, relationships, or aspects of your life that you wish to metaphorically unravel or introduce confusion to. Use symbolic language rather than specific names.
4. Tie the cord or string around the parchment paper, creating knots to symbolize the entanglements you wish to loosen. Light the black candle.
5. As the candle burns, visualize the metaphorical ties loosening and situations becoming less entangled. Picture confusion in a way that brings positive change or release rather than harm.
6. Allow the candle to burn safely in a fireproof dish, closely observing it to prevent hazards.
7. Once the candle has burned, dispose of the remnants responsibly. Express gratitude and release the energy into the universe. Focus on positive intentions for positive changes rather than causing harm.


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