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Do As I Say, Domination spell, Advanced Magic, Magickal Witchcraft Spells, Essential Magic, Ritual Magick Oils

Do As I Say, Domination spell, Advanced Magic, Magickal Witchcraft Spells, Essential Magic, Ritual Magick Oils

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Our ultra strong Do As I Say is a stronger bend over conjure oil. Its what you need to gain control in a situation that has felt out of control. If the tables have turned and you’ve lost power and feel helpless, this will enhance all spells that enable you to take power back.

Take a deep breath and feel the power run through your veins as you feel your confidence and energy boost. You have control over how you feel and this conjure oil will help you harness that beautiful powerful energy!

What does Do As I Say Oil do?

Do As I Say conjure oil is a specially crafted blend used in various magical traditions, particularly within hoodoo and rootwork. This oil is believed to possess properties that can influence individuals to follow specific instructions or commands. It's often employed in rituals or spellwork where the practitioner seeks to exert a form of persuasive energy, compelling others to comply with their wishes. The exact ingredients can vary, but they typically include herbs, roots, or essential oils associated with commanding or persuasive energies. Practitioners might anoint themselves, personal items, or use the oil in candle magic to enhance the effectiveness of their verbal or written directives. It's important to approach the use of Do As I Say oil with ethical considerations, respecting the principle of free will and the potential consequences of attempting to influence or control others.

How do you use Do As I say Oil?

Do As I Say conjure oil is commonly used in magical practices, particularly within traditions like hoodoo, to influence others to follow specific instructions. For instance, one may apply the oil to a written message placed strategically where the target is likely to see it, enhancing the chances of them complying. Additionally, dressing personal items, such as a pen or clothing, with the oil is believed to sway the thoughts and actions of the individual towards alignment with your wishes. In candle magic, anointing a candle with the oil and carving the person's name on it can be accompanied by visualization, envisioning them adhering to your desires as the candle burns. Another approach involves incorporating the oil into a ritual where you express your intentions clearly, anoint your hands, and engage in symbolic actions to reinforce the potency of your words. Anointing the doorknob of the person's home or their belongings discreetly is thought to influence their decisions and actions in line with your instructions.

How Do I use Do As I Say Oil in a Spell?

 Command Someone to Bend To Your Will


  • Picture of target
  • Purple or Red Candle
  • Licorice Root
  • Do As I say Oil
  • Heatproof Plate

1, Add a few drops of the oil onto the picture while reciting:
“I will have (insert desire) from (name of person or people).” Repeat this 3 times while applying the oil
2. Take the candle and light it.
3. Pour a couple of drops of melted wax into the center of the dish. Sit the candle down and take the picture and stick it to the wax on the dish.
4. Take some of the licorice root and create a circle around the picture.
5. Take the candle again and pour a few drops of more melted wax on top of the picture.
6 Now set the candle down on top of the wax and picture.
7. Stare into the flame of the candle and recite the above incantation repeatedly until you are no longer able to recite it any longer


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