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Diamond Luxury Life Money Oils, Magic, Magickal, Witch Spells, Essential Oil Magic Ritual Spell Magick

Diamond Luxury Life Money Oils, Magic, Magickal, Witch Spells, Essential Oil Magic Ritual Spell Magick

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Diamond Luxury Life conjure oil is a specialized and symbolic blend often used in spiritual practices, particularly within traditions like hoodoo. This oil is associated with attracting abundance, prosperity, and a luxurious lifestyle. Ingredients may vary, but commonly, the oil incorporates elements thought to symbolize wealth and opulence, such as herbs, crystals, or fragrances associated with affluence. Practitioners typically anoint themselves, candles, or personal items with Diamond Luxury Life oil during rituals or spells with the intention of manifesting financial success, attracting opportunities for prosperity, and living a life of abundance. Utilize this oil for variety of spells, conjuring’s, and meditation circles to enhance the positive energy you’re putting towards living a life of luxury! Think it and believe it and it will be. 

What does this oil do?

Diamond Luxury Life conjure oil is believed to carry energies associated with attracting abundance, financial prosperity, and a high-quality, opulent lifestyle. This specialized blend is often used in spiritual practices, such as hoodoo, to enhance one's ability to manifest wealth and success. When applied or utilized in rituals, the oil is thought to amplify the practitioner's intentions, drawing opportunities for financial prosperity and an elevated standard of living. The ingredients in the oil are selected for their symbolic associations with affluence and luxury, making it a tool for those seeking to enhance their financial well-being and experience a more abundant and opulent life. As with any magical tool, the efficacy of Diamond Luxury Life oil is often influenced by the practitioner's belief, intention, and ethical considerations in their pursuit of prosperity.

How do you use this oil?

Diamond Luxury Life conjure oil can be employed in various ways to enhance financial abundance and attract a luxurious lifestyle. Practitioners often anoint themselves with the oil, focusing on key areas like wrists, neck, or behind the ears, to carry the energies of prosperity throughout the day. Additionally, the oil can be applied to personal items such as wallets, purses, or important documents associated with financial matters to infuse them with the intention of attracting wealth. During rituals or spellwork, anointing candles with Diamond Luxury Life oil can amplify the practitioner's manifestation of financial success. Some may choose to incorporate the oil into vision boards or prosperity altars, symbolizing the desire for a life of affluence and opulence. The key is to use the oil with clear intentions, belief in its energies, and ethical considerations in the pursuit of financial abundance.

How can you use Diamon Luxury Life in a spell?

Diamond Prosperity Elegance Spell:


  • Diamond Luxury Life conjure oil
  • Green candle
  • Gold or silver candle
  • Personal item symbolizing wealth (e.g., a piece of jewelry or a symbolic token)
  • A small pouch
  • A dollar bill or symbolic currency
  • Citrine or green aventurine crystal
  • A small dish
  • Patchouli or cinnamon incense

1. Begin by cleansing yourself with a ritual bath infused with a few drops of Diamond Luxury Life oil.
2. Arrange the green candle on the left and the gold or silver candle on the right. Place the personal item in the center.
3. Anoint the green candle with Diamond Luxury Life oil, focusing on your intention for financial abundance. Anoint the gold or silver candle with the oil, emphasizing the desire for a luxurious lifestyle.
4. Place the dollar bill or symbolic currency on the small dish, anointing it with Diamond Luxury Life oil. Visualize it multiplying and bringing wealth into your life.
5. Hold the citrine or green aventurine crystal in your hands, infusing it with intentions of prosperity and abundance. Place it beside the personal item.
6. Create a small pouch using the personal item, symbolic currency, and the crystal. Anoint the pouch with Diamond Luxury Life oil, sealing the energies.
7. Light the green candle, envisioning financial opportunities flowing towards you. Light the gold or silver candle, visualizing a life filled with luxury and elegance. Burn patchouli or cinnamon incense for added manifestation energy.
8. Repeat empowering affirmations aloud, declaring your readiness to receive abundance and live a luxurious life.
9. Pass the pouch through the smoke of the incense, symbolizing the activation of its energies. Place it under the candles.
10. Close your eyes, meditate, and visualize your life filled with financial prosperity and opulence. See opportunities unfolding before you.
11. Allow the candles to burn out safely. Express gratitude for the abundance already present in your life and the manifestation of prosperity to come.
12. Keep the pouch with you as a talisman, carrying the energies of Diamond Luxury Life oil for ongoing manifestation.


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