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Death Spell, Santa Muerte, DUME Oil, brujeria spells, revenge candles, Hoodoo, conjure

Death Spell, Santa Muerte, DUME Oil, brujeria spells, revenge candles, Hoodoo, conjure

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Has somebody caused you pain recently and you’re ready to send the karma launching back in their direction? DUME oil is a specialized concoction utilized in certain spiritual practices, particularly within traditions like hoodoo. The name DUME is often associated with spells or rituals designed for harmful and coercive purposes. The oil is believed to carry energies that may be used to curse or hex someone, leading to their downfall or misfortune. Ingredients in DUME oil can vary, but they often include elements associated with baneful magic, such as hot peppers, black mustard seeds, or other substances believed to carry strong negative vibrations. 

Use this oil with EXTREME CAUTION! Also contains a ridiculously hot ingredient, so please wash hands after use OR wear gloves. When using, you will be unleashing some heavy shit into someone's life.

What does DUME oil do?

DUME oil is believed to exert negative and harmful influences on an individual. Often associated with malevolent spells or curses, the oil is thought to carry energies that, when applied or utilized in rituals, can lead to misfortune, downfall, or various forms of negative consequences for the targeted person. The intent behind using DUME oil is to inflict harm, create obstacles, or bring about unfavorable circumstances. The specific effects attributed to the oil may vary based on the practitioner's intentions and the cultural or spiritual context in which it is employed. 

How do you use DUME oil?

The use of DUME oil is associated with harmful and coercive intentions, typically involving negative actions towards others. Different ways to employ this oil may include anointing objects, such as candles or personal belongings, with the intent to project malevolent energies. It can be incorporated into spellwork or rituals aimed at cursing or hexing a targeted individual, with practitioners often focusing on causing misfortune, obstacles, or other negative outcomes in that person's life. Some may choose to incorporate DUME oil into symbolic representations of their intentions, such as creating poppets or inscribing symbols on objects.

How can you use this oil in a spell?

Cause an Enemy's Downfall


  • DUME oil
  • Small glass Jar with metal lid
  • Graveyard Dirt
  • Vervain Root
  • Ammonia
  • Picture name and DOB of target
  • Several black taper or chime candles
  • Paper
  • Black Ink Pen
  • Opaque Box (optional)


  1. Combine all ingredients in the jar, saving the oil for last.
  2. Create your petition by writing out what you desire to happen to your target
  3. Close the jar, never to be opened again
  4. Take a black candle and heat the bottom of it so that it can stick to the top of the lid
  5. Allow the candle to burn all the way down.
  6. While the candle is burning, stare into the candle visualizing what you desire to happen to your target
  7. Once the candle is done, store the jar in a dark area.(a dark bag or back of a closet)
  8. Repeat the candle burning and meditation process for a minimum of 9 days.
  9. Once the 9 days are over, bury the jar in a graveyard



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