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Business Oil, Get Customers Clients, Conjure Oils, Better Business Spell , Advanced Magic, Witch Spells

Business Oil, Get Customers Clients, Conjure Oils, Better Business Spell , Advanced Magic, Witch Spells

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Are you or someone you know a business owner that needs to transform their revenue and client base? Look no further? Our Get Business Conjure Oil is just what every witch needs to transform their sales and open their hearts to receive new business.

This oil isn’t just for making money, but it’s a way to connect with your customers, open your spirit up for opportunities and transform your business in the short term and long term.

Use this oil daily for your business needs and aspirations.

What does this Business Oil do?

Get Business conjure oil is traditionally associated with magical and spiritual practices, particularly within traditions like hoodoo and folk magic. This specific oil is believed to be utilized in rituals and spells aimed at attracting success, prosperity, and positive outcomes in business ventures. It is often employed by individuals seeking to enhance their business acumen, draw in customers or clients, and overcome obstacles in the professional realm. The intentions behind using Get Business conjure oil typically revolve around fostering a flourishing and prosperous business environment. 

How do you use Get Business Oil?

Get Business conjure oil can be employed in various ways to enhance success and prosperity in business endeavors. Anointing business-related items such as business cards, marketing materials, or the entrance of a place of business with the oil is a common practice. Additionally, individuals may anoint their hands before engaging in negotiations or meetings to increase their business acumen and persuasive abilities. Another method involves anointing a green or gold candle with the oil during a focused business ritual, symbolizing the attraction of financial success and positive opportunities. Some practitioners also incorporate a drop of the oil into financial documents or ledgers to infuse them with the energy of prosperity. 

How to use Get Business Conjure oil in a spell?

Prosperity and Client Attraction Spell:


  • Get Business Conjure oil
  • Green or gold candles (number based on preference)
  • Citrine or pyrite crystals
  • A lodestone or magnet
  • Business cards or promotional materials
  • Cinnamon and basil herbs
  • A piece of lodestone food (magnetic sand)
  • A small dish of honey
  • A petition paper
  • A small bowl of rice
  • A dollar bill or other currency
  • A business-related item (such as a product sample)
  • A green or gold cloth


1. Begin by cleansing yourself and the space with sage or incense.
2. Wear green or gold clothing to align with prosperity energies.
3. Mix Get Business conjure oil with a few drops of your personal scent. Anoint each candle with this mixture.
4. Arrange citrine or pyrite crystals in a grid formation. Place the lodestone or magnet at the center.
5. Anoint your business cards, promotional materials, and the business-related item with Get Business oil.
6. Mix cinnamon and basil herbs. Sprinkle this mixture around the crystal grid and business items.
7. Pass the lodestone over the items and crystals, symbolizing the attraction of clients and financial prosperity.
8. Write a detailed petition paper expressing your desire for increased clients and financial success. Anoint it with the oil.
9. Place the dollar bill in the green or gold cloth, folding it towards you. Drizzle honey on it, symbolizing financial sweetness.
10. Place the business items, crystal grid, and the folded dollar bill on a bed of rice, symbolizing abundance.
11. Light the candles, focusing on your intention for more clients and financial prosperity. Place the candles around the setup.
12. Sit in meditation, visualizing a stream of clients and financial abundance flowing towards your business. Repeat positive affirmations.
13. Express gratitude for the abundance you are attracting. Allow the candles to burn out safely.
14. After the spell, keep the crystal grid, business items, and the dollar bill on your business-related altar or in a prominent place in your workspace. 



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