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Bend Over Conjure spell Oil

Bend Over Conjure spell Oil

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Our bend-over conjure oil is just what you need to regain control of a situation that has felt out of control. If the tables have turned and you've lost power and feel helpless, this will strengthen all spells that allow you to reclaim power.

Take a deep breath and feel the power coursing through your veins as your confidence and energy levels rise. You have power over how you feel, and this conjure oil will assist you in harnessing that beautiful, powerful energy.

What does Bend Over Conjure oil do?

Bend Over conjure oil is traditionally associated with hoodoo, folk magic, and certain occult practices. The purpose of this oil is to influence or dominate the will of a person, making them more compliant or receptive to your wishes or commands. It is often used in spellwork or rituals where one seeks to gain control, authority, or cooperation from another individual.

How do you use Bend Over Conjure oil?

Bend Over conjure oil is traditionally harnessed in magical practices to influence or dominate the will of a person. To incorporate this oil into your magical workings, consider anointing a red or purple candle with it, symbolizing the exertion of control or influence over the individual in question. Alternatively, apply the oil to a personal item belonging to the targeted person, such as a photograph or piece of clothing. During candle rituals, visualize your specific intentions for increased cooperation or compliance while the candle burns.

How to use Bend Over Conjure Oil in a spell?

Empowerment and Influence Spell with Bend Over Conjure Oil


  • Bend Over conjure oil
  • Purple or red candle
  • Personal item belonging to the individual (with their consent)
  • Tarot cards or a symbolic representation of your desired outcome
  • A small mirror
  • A piece of parchment paper and pen
  • A small jar

1. Begin by cleansing yourself and your space through a ritual bath or smudging with sage.
2. Anoint the purple or red candle with Bend Over conjure oil, focusing on your intention for personal empowerment and influence rather than manipulation.
3. Lay out tarot cards or symbols representing your desired outcome. Focus on positive qualities and empowerment rather than control.
4. Apply a small amount of Bend Over oil to the personal item, symbolizing your intention for positive influence rather than coercion.
5. Place the small mirror in front of you. As you gaze into it, visualize yourself empowered, confident, and influential in a positive way.
6. On the parchment paper, write down your intentions for personal empowerment and positive influence. Be specific about the qualities you wish to enhance.
7. Light the candle and focus on its flame. As it burns, visualize the energy of personal empowerment and positive influence radiating from the flame.
8. Place the personal item on the tarot cards or symbols, combining the energy of the person with your positive intentions.
9. Speak affirmations of empowerment and positive influence while looking into the mirror. Visualize your desired outcome.
10. Fold the parchment paper and place it in the small jar. Seal the jar with the melted wax from the candle.
11. Express gratitude for the positive influence you seek and extinguish the candle. Keep the jar in a safe place as a reminder of your empowered intentions.


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