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Pheromone oil, Aphrodisiac oils, libido spell for women, Ritual Spells, Magick

Pheromone oil, Aphrodisiac oils, libido spell for women, Ritual Spells, Magick

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Pheromone oil, Aphrodisiac oils, libido spell for women, Ritual Spells, Magick

Aphrodisiacs Conjure Oil is a sensual, aphrodisiac combination that enhances the senses and provides a sweet scent. The blend of natural aphrodisiacs like sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla, and musk is blended with warming notes of vetiver and clove. There is no spell needed on your part, it comes cured and activated ready for you to just put on and watch the magic unleash.

Seduction Oil is great for both single and relationships. If you are single looking for sexual encounters or want to be more sexually appealing then this oil is right for you. It also helps those in a relationship to keep the flame of passion on and go at it all night.

**Ingredients and Tools:**
- Pheromone-increased libido oil (readily available or make your own with essential oils)
- Pink or red candle
- A quiet, private space
- A small dish or plate
- Aphrodisiacs oil
- Matches or a lighter
- Optional: romantic or sensual music, incense, or fresh flowers


1. **Cleansing and Preparation:**
- Begin by cleansing your space. You can use smudging with sage or incense to clear any negative energy.
- Light the pink or red candle, which symbolizes love and passion.
- Place any optional items like romantic music, incense, or fresh flowers nearby to set the mood.

2. **Centering and Focus:**
- Sit comfortably in your quiet and private space.
- Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Close your eyes and clear your mind of distractions.

3. **Anoint the Candle:**
- Take the pheromone-increased libido oil and anoint the candle by gently rubbing a small amount of the oil from the base to the wick, focusing on your intention to increase libido and enhance romantic desire.

4. **Visualize Your Desire:**
- Hold the candle in your hands and visualize your desire for increased libido. Imagine the energy of attraction and passion flowing through you.
- Feel the warmth and sensuality associated with the flame of the candle.

5. **Light the Candle:**
- Using a match or lighter, carefully light the candle, saying a short incantation or affirmation that represents your desire for increased libido. For example, "By this flame, I ignite desire and passion within."

6. **Meditation and Connection:**
- Gaze at the flame and continue to visualize your desire. Feel the energy of passion and attraction building within you.
- As you meditate on your intention, focus on the sensations and emotions associated with increased libido.

7. **Offering Your Intentions:**
- Allow the candle to burn for a set amount of time, perhaps 15-20 minutes, or as long as you feel is appropriate.
- During this time, express your intentions clearly, either silently or verbally, to the universe. Ask for the increase in libido and the deepening of your romantic connection.

8. **Closing the Spell:**
- When you are ready to conclude the spell, extinguish the candle by snuffing it out (do not blow it out).
- Express gratitude for the energy and passion that will now flow into your life.
- You can keep the candle and repeat this spell as needed to reinforce your intention.

Remember that spellwork is a personal and spiritual practice, and it's essential to approach it with respect, consent, and ethical considerations, especially when involving others in matters of love and attraction.

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