Get Paid to Promote House of Oya Botanica produts!

Get Paid to Promote House of Oya Botanica produts!

Thank you for your interest in partnering with House Of Oya Botanica! I am excited to begin this new venture with you.

Becoming a Brand Ambassador or HOOB Partner is a rewarding experience! Each month you will receive a product to review on your social media outlets. At this time, there is no minimum follower requirement, as you will be paid a 5% to 25% commission on each sell (not including shipping and taxes) through your personal affiliate link. The more channels or social media outlets you post, the more chances you have at generating money. The best part about this new program is, you really only need to post once per product. You may post more, however if you have taken the necessary measures to have your content found (i.e. SEO, hashtags etc.) Then that one piece of content can be found again and again.

As a partner, I do have some requirements for the program:

  1. Minimum posting of twice a week on one or multiple platforms.
  2. Out of the minimum weekly posting requirements, one of the content pieces must be a video (the video can be either a short form Video , i.e. Reels, long form Video i.e. YouTube)
  3. You will be compensated based on the sales that your unique affiliate link generates.
  4. Commission payments will be paid out on the 1st of the month via PayPal or CashApp if the threshold has reached a minimum of $100. If you have not accumulated $20 by the end of the month, your earnings will roll over to the next month and paid out once $100 has been made 
  5. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make!
  6. In addition to commission payments, you will have a personal coupon code for 30% off of all House Of Oya Botanica products.
  7. Each month you will receive a new product to review. In order to continually qualify for the program, your content and affiliate link must result in a minimum of 5 sales per month. (I am flexible with this goal, so please contact me should this be of concern). 
  8. Entering into this agreement, you are agreeing to become an independent contractor of House Of Oya LLC.
  9. At the end of the year, those who have received a minimum of $600 in commissions will receive a 1099 which means you are fully solely responsible for any tax obligation you may have.
  10. I will create banners, social media posts, pictures displaying the monthly product. You may use these pictures only should you utilize postings vs video.  Pictures do not need to be used when the post is a video, but if you are tech savvy enough, feel free to do so.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, please sign up here!


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I’m excited!!!!!

Latasha Cleveland

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